What’s a joke or line you find very funny?

What’s a joke or line you find very funny?

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  1. Mickey Mouse is in court getting a Divorce.
    The Judge says, “I don’t see why you should divorce Minnie if she’s crazy.”
    Mickey says, “I didn’t say she was crazy, I said she’s fucking Goofy!

  2. Me and my mom were talking about a cantaloupe and how she didn’t think it was one with the reasoning being it was 3x bigger than a normal cantaloupe and she’s never seen one that big so I respond with “well you have now”

  3. “Gaslighting isn’t real, you just made it up because you’re crazy.”

    “I know everything about the Dunning-Kruger effect!”

    “The punishment for having sex with Princess Diana is execution. The punishment for having sex with Princess Anne is having sex with Princess Anne.”

  4. Old episode of the Simpsons where Bart keeps getting shitty birthday presents and Homer looks at him and goes “Bart, I know you think nothing will top that cactus”

  5. I was on 4chan and couldn’t watch the webm at the start of the humor thread cuz I’m on IOS. The thumbnail looks like a foreign game show, and a ton of people in the replies are saying it’s hilarious. I’m thinking I have to watch this, so I go over to my cousin who has an android and tell him to open the humor thread. He hits play, and it cuts to a black screen that says “IOS users can’t see this, pretend it was hilarious”. Probably the funniest joke I’ve ever seen, I literally had trouble breathing I was laughing so hard.

  6. One that always cracks me up is that scene in Seinfeld when he’s at the circus with the Romanian gymnast. She’s going on about how her father hated elephants and how they were responsible for societies problems.

    And Jerry says “well…they do take up a lot of space.”

  7. One of my favorite jokes is “I love self-deprecating humor, I’m just not very good at it.” I told that to a co-worker once and she said, “Oh, that’s ok. I’m sure you’ll get good at it with some practice.” And then it hit her and she lost her shit. It was hilarious.

  8. Blazing saddles quote, “where the white women at?” I lol every time. The look on his face while he says that just elevates it to perfection.

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