Whats a paranormal or unexplainable experience you’ve had?

Whats a paranormal or unexplainable experience you’ve had?

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  1. When my dad was doing chemo and not doing well he specifically requested to play Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones at his wake, he didn’t want people to be sad and wanted them to be reminded of who he was. His wake sucked, a lot of his friends were really shocked it was a lot of explaining of what happened, very draining. I lost track of everything and never got to play it. The very next day, his funeral procession to the crematory to go pick him up then to the cemetery to pop him in the wall then a bereavement lunch- I planned to play the song at the cemetery. We drove his car those two days being that he left it to me, and he left Q104.3 on the radio all the time, classic rock. All of a sudden I hear the first riff to SATISFACTION! That man said “I’ll do it myself!”

  2. Had a dream I was meeting my then-bf’s father at a cafe. I told him I was sad we didn’t get to know each other before he passed away and he said “well let’s get to know each other now”. I knew in the dream that it wasn’t a dream and I asked him how will I prove this to my bf? He said “he will know bc fire alarm”. And then we chatted forever. I woke up right before my alarm went off at 9:55; I was a server and got to sleep in. My then bf had an office job and was already at work by 9am. I go about my day and forget about the “dream”. When we are both off later that day we are sitting in his car and I remembered to tell him about his dad in my dream and how he would know it was real bc “the fire alarm”. My bf started crying and was really shaken up and said they had a fire drill that morning at 10am in the office. I even had him call his coworker and ask about it in a Non-leading way bc I thought he was messing with me. We are not religious but it was nice to think his dad was checking in on him after having some health issues recently.

  3. I have a vivid memory of my friend showing me a giant skeletal spine in the woods when I was 6 years old. I’m talking at least 15 feet long. This was in North Carolina by a relatively big town, and it just does not make sense to me how that could’ve been real. My 6 year old mind was like “oh a dinosaur spine, neat” not realizing there’s no way that could’ve just been there.

  4. I’m going to try to explain this the best way I can…

    So I’m a skeptical person when it comes to paranormal stuff. I can always find logical explanations to most things that happen. I believe 15 out of 10 times when people report “seeing” things it’s just a case of apophenia.

    Anyway, this happened when I was about 10 years old. My dad had taken my brother, a couple friends, and me off-road go-karting in a small rural town in Northern Mexico, about 40 miles south from where we lived. On our way back late at night, we came up to a red light at an intersection. On the opposite corner there was a cemetery on the left side of the road. While we were waiting at the red light, there was another car directly in front of us with their lights on (I remind you this was late and dark in a rural town with dirt roads)also waiting, and another car who had the green light passed from right to left lifting up a cloud of dirt. In that cloud of dirt that was left, with the car that was in front of us with his lights on, you could clearly see the silhouettes of, what appeared to be, an adult and two kids walking across the street in the opposite direction of the cemetery.

    The crazy thing about this is that all 6 of us in the car saw it happened. To this day I can’t explain what happened or how it happened. I’ve asked my dad 18 years later if he remembers and he does, but he also can’t explain what it was.

  5. I’ve always had intuition about buildings, especially when staying in them overnight or moving. Some buildings just give off this intensely dark vibe, some don’t and I sleep like a baby.

    We’ve visited a few reportedly haunted locations, but the experience I had in a motel room in a random Comfort Inn near the Atlanta airport, was the darkest and most intense. I woke up to this dark shadow looming over me and a feeling like of being assaulted. It’s really hard to explain as I was not actually assaulted. I’d guess that maybe it really happened to someone else previously in the room, and it was being given to me to sort of experience, horrified, alongside them.

  6. Woke up in the middle of the night to see a woman in a white robe floating at the end of my bed. I was a young teenager at the time. Totally freaked me out. I ran out of the room.

  7. So me and my were driving home late one night from somewhere and she had been telling me of her own paranormal experiences. Eventually we reach home and almost right after my mom opened the car door and the lights came on, the lights flickered a bit before returning to normal.

    There was no reason they should’ve flickered like that. It had had never happened before and, while we still had that car, it never happened again. It was almost as if a ghost or something was pranking us since my mom was just talking about the paranormal.

  8. My mom was in the hospital fifty miles away. I was 19. We were pretty sure this was it. I was home alone. My parents’ house is big. It’s off the beaten path on a small lagoon. My dad had been staying up at the hospital.

    That night, I went to bed about 1am. I was playing on my laptop. My room was in a separate wing of the house. It can be sealed off with a single locking door. The door was shut but not locked. I have always been scared of the dark, so I had the lights in my wing on. So was the closet light. As I was messing around on Gamefaqs, I saw the lights in my wing turn off. All of them. The band of light under the door, went black. I hopped up in bed and stared at it.

    My bedroom door was unlocked and I was debating getting up to lock it, when the shut door *slammed.* As in, it sounded like someone straight up kicked the bottom of the door with all their strength. I remember squeaking in shock. It took me about six seconds to be up on both feet with a blade about four paces back and just right of the door. I remember thinking if the door opened, I could be on whoever it was almost instantly. I was also silently cursing that there was no light under the door anymore. No way to see the shadow of whoever was out there.

    Nothing happened. I was fighting off the fear of the situation and stupidly decided that going on offense was all that was left. I didn’t have a phone in my room, and my Nokia was in another wing or the house charging. I threw the door open with my knife low and my left hand in a guarded position. There was no one there. I tossed the hallway light switch on. There was no one in my wing. There was no one in the house. The burglar alarm was still on. Confused, I turned on the main house lights and sealed the wing off, and locking the door. I went back to my room and just sat there with my laptop open. My bedroom door now had a slight bow in it.

    A couple hours passed with me warily laying in bed. Around 3 am, the lights under the door went dark. Now I was terrified. My knife seemed pretty insignificant and my previous dumb courage had ran out. I scooted my bed (no easy task) against my bedroom door, grateful the door opened inward. It all felt so *wrong*. Like something was angry with me. I retreated to my closet and waited for the sun to come up.

    When the skylight in my room got bright, my courage returned and I moved the bed and exited my room. The wing door had been unlocked, which required a key from the other side. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs in the main house and realized my dad was home. I felt a little foolish as obviously he had been responsible for turning the lights off the second time. I lead my greeting with “oh, so it was you who turned all the lights off.” He looked at me and replied, “What? I got home about ten minutes ago.”

    I have zero clue what happened that night but it never happened before that night or after. Whatever it was, it seemed to like the dark and wasn’t a fan of doors. And it seemed to be in my wing of the house… My parents built the house and nothing untoward had ever taken place there. My bedroom door at my parents house still has a bow in it to this day (this was almost twenty years ago). My mom is still alive, and for that, I’m extremely grateful.

  9. I’m sure this can be explained in some way, but I think like 3 rimes throughout my life I’ve woken up and saw myself looking at me. Like, I’m still in my body and in bed, but this person that looks like me but with grey tinted skin is just looking at me. Then I become fully awake and aware and they’re not there. It’s not a scary experience either, it’s just weird.

  10. Back when I was maybe 11 I was home alone I was playing my brother’s PS4 and My mom was not around the house or anywhere this was before I gotten an iPhone 8 sitting in my room like said on PS4 and something stranger really happened my door was wide open and the next thing I know my door slammed closed and I wasn’t to freaked out about so I opened it back up then 5 minutes later it slammed closed again now I was totally freaked out because like I said before I was home alone so after the second time I put my shoes on and ran down to my grandma’s house which was down the road until my mom came to the house and that night I was pretty terrified by sleeping in the dark

  11. One day during 4th grade, I didn’t go outside for recess like I was supposed to (what can I say, it was hot and I was not an outdoorsy kid). I was inside, near the stairs to the second floor. I started to hear music playing, and noted it was coming from the second floor; I can’t remember the song, but it sounded like an operatic choir of some kind. This hadn’t happened before, so I went upstairs to investigate where the sound was coming from.

    When I get to the top of the stairs, there are four classrooms, the computer lab, the library, the art room, and the music room. I peek into each classroom first; no one is in any of them, and there is no evidence of a CD or cassette player. I look in the computer lab, and find nothing and no one.

    I go into the library; the music gets louder, but there’s no one else around, and no visible music player. The art room is locked, but looking inside there doesn’t seem to be anything in there that would be playing the music. I finally look in the music room; it’s empty, and although the music is loudest here, there’s nothing playing any music in the room.

    At this point I’m weirded out, and I go back downstairs and out the door. When the bell rings and I come back in with everyone, the music has stopped.

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