What’s a phrase you’re sick of hearing?

What’s a phrase you’re sick of hearing?

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  1. *”Due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding the Covid19 pandemic, we are experiencing higher than normal call volume. Please, stay on the line, or dial 8 if you would like us to call you back when a customer service representative is next available.”*

    [Dials 8]

    [Never gets a call back]


  2. Who asked or Nobody Asked.
    It hurts more than people think.
    Especially when I’m having a conversation with somebody and a person just randomly invades and says “who asked”

  3. I swear if I ever get to meet, either in this life or the next, the person who first said “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean” I will shove broken glass in both their eyes.

  4. The big lie.
    As in the democrats talking point re the 2020 election.
    A lot of you may not agree with me…
    But, the biggest lie of all is the one they are trying to tell!
    I have voted in EIGHT presidential elections in my lifetime. The 2020 election was the ONLY one where they stopped counting in SIX states the night of the election.
    There has never been in my 50 years of life such a clusterfuck of election results.
    This was rigged every way possible!

  5. “thoughts and prayers”

    i’n getting sick of this. someone needs to go and crack some skulls to make them finally get the message. until they feel any kind of fear they wouldn’t do anything.

  6. As a graduate math student, whenever I tell people that, the first thing they *always* say is, “oh I always hated math.” I get that there’s a lot of problems with math education and that a lot of people don’t enjoy it, but sucks to constantly be told, “I hate the thing that you like” over and over again. I just like doing fun math puzzles 🙁

  7. “theyre doing it because they like you” in context of bullying,i hate this phrase with my whole soul as i heard it many times when i was getting bullied ,instead of helping me this phrase simply made me so confused and scared and when people say this youre not giving people any closure and reason on why someone is bullying you and in turn how you can stop the bullying

  8. “Trust the science.”

    I **DO** trust science, because I **read** the science and draw conclusions from hard evidence, numbers, and facts. When people say this phrase–but clearly haven’t even read the fucking science–and are just parroting what they’ve seen on social media, it’s the worst.

    I get it. Many people don’t feel in control of their personal lives and it’s comforting to have a symbolic parental figure (government, media messaging) in the mix to tell you what you should do…but so many people I used to view as highly intelligent have shown their true colors and are just advertising how afraid they are.

  9. Fresh from the reddit hivemind: “When someone tells you who they are, believe them”

    You would be surprised how many times people repeat this exact sentence in any and all advice subreddits. That and “get therapy” pretty much no matter what the problem is. Either most accounts are bots or people are really just not thinking for themselves at all.

  10. Mine are very specific to dating apps

    “Don’t be boring”

    “I don’t message first”

    “I like food and travel”

    Honestly any sentence that mentions how sarcastic you are

    Any reference to how you need someone that can “handle you”

    “I need someone that can take a joke”

    “I’m probably funnier than you”

    Every single one of these phrases just says to me you’re single for a very good reason and I should probably stay away

  11. “That/They are so toxic”

    No. You are just having difficulty with what they do or say.

    You are not being poisoned, you are willingly internalizing someone else’s differences or faults.

    Reel in that locus of control.

  12. “**An** historic _____________” e.g. “This is an historic day!”


    It’s “a” historic [something] if you’re pronouncing the “h” in “historic,” which almost everyone here in the US does.


    People on TV mess this up constantly, and it’s been a weird pet peeve of mine for years now because it sounds so unnatural.

  13. This one is State specific but, “This is Wyoming. Act Accordingly.” Is the new slogan for Harriet Hageman and I’m like wtf is that condescending shit

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