What’s a piece of information you learned that now feels almost illegal to know?

What’s a piece of information you learned that now feels almost illegal to know?

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  1. Totally another route of what everyone else is posting but…. the lion at The Animal Kingdom safari ride isn’t chained (Disney World park). He is fed a huge piece of meat every morning and sits on a rock that is changed to the perfect temperature for him everyday so he has no reason to attack anyone on the safari ride.

  2. When you’re on a jury you can vote for someone as innocent even if you think they did it. Most common reasoning for this would be if you just think that they shouldn’t be punished for whatever they did. I can’t remember the term for it something like Third Option.

  3. I would bet my life savings on that one of the pieces of the data being recorded by the algorithm is categorizing us by something along the lines of, willingness to comply or chances of being an agitator towards authority.

    Hello FBI guy whats my rank on said list?

  4. 1. Certain businesses give away food products, sale items, or services for free on your birthday. So the wife and I run around town on those days and score a lot of things.
    2. Some grocery store chains are given free sample packets to hand out and are always eager to get rid of them as soon as possible. Wife and I literally scored 500+ Chex mix seasoning packets. So we handed them out to low-income families we knew and put a huge amount in the local Blessing Box.

  5. I know of someone who committed sexual assault and got (thankfully) terminated for it my organization. They were a well respected long standing leader and their departure made major waves. People are dying to know what happened but I am bound by ethics policies to keep it hush. People suspect I know and the questions from mosey people were pure torture for a while, and even years later they still pop up here and there. I wish to god I never found out. I feel guilty for knowing.

  6. I got various Security Clearances and Classifications from my time and job in the military, so I know the “Inside truth” about various controversial public incidents. And it’s completely legal for me to know them, but feels like shit to know certain things about our inside-government workings.

  7. Please do not google this because it is exactly what I’m telling you it is. I heard somekne talking about Brooke shields playboy shoot when she was a kid and I figured I was misunderstanding so I googled it and it was a naked 10 year old. I just don’t understand how that is not illegal. I’m sure I’m on some sort of list now. If you’re curious, don’t be. Its a naked kid.

  8. My former boss when I was in highschool told me all the details about another business they were attempting to buy up back and then told me all the reasons why the deal fell through. There were a bunch of illegal shenanigans going on at the place they were attempting to buy but I was sworn to secrecy about those details 🤷🏼‍♂️

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