What’s a plot twist that is so bad it ruins the entire film?

What’s a plot twist that is so bad it ruins the entire film?

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  1. That one with Robert Pattinson where it turned out his character was in the twin towers on 9/11. I think it was Remember Me (I realised the irony while typing it)

  2. I really didn’t like the twist in Us. I thought the movie was great up until that point, but >!I don’t understand how the little girl was stuck underground for so long if she wasn’t one of the shadow people. Couldn’t she just move freely and leave once she was uncuffed? Also, how did the actual shadow girl get to walk and talk freely if their whole thing is that they’re controlled by their real counterpart?!< Idk a lot of it felt like “don’t think about it too hard” but also “this is really important to the twist,” so you have to think about it hard.

  3. Let’s just spend 3 whole movies building up to the fact that Katniss’s one and only point of motivation within the Capitol uprising was that she hated what Snow was doing to the entire country, she wanted to assassinate him point blank… and at the very end of the story, not do that.

  4. The Oceans movie (“Ocean’s 12”, I think?) where Julia Roberts plays a fictional character, and the fictional character then impersonates Julia Roberts to pull off a heist.

    They even have a scene where fake Julia Roberts is on the phone with real Julia Roberts.

  5. I really disliked that when Neo disabled the Sentinels we didn’t find out that the world of Zion was but a second Matrix layered over the mainframe. Could’ve been an ultimate mindfuck of what can ever be real both for Neo and us.

  6. The entire last 15 minutes of “We Were Soldiers” is a horrible work of fiction that is disrespectful to both the American troops and the North Vietnamese troops who were there. Totally trashes what was a pretty good movie.

  7. the plot twist in The Invisible Man ruined the whole movie for me!

    Same with Split, fr. I was SCREAMING in the parking lot because I felt like I wasted my money.

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