What’s a sad truth you only realise when you’re an adult?

What’s a sad truth you only realise when you’re an adult?

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  1. There aren’t any really safety nets for people with mental illness and disabilities and if you don’t have a support system to lean on you’re pretty much fucked.

  2. The older you get, the faster time appears to pass by.

    A year when you’re 10 is a tenth of your whole life, a year when you’re 40 is much less significant.

  3. Adult life is literally just working 9-5, eating, sleeping, showering, and fucking. Everyone is literally sex crazed as adults, I didn’t realize it until I was like 25.

  4. Accepting yourself for wanting a partner. I feel like in this day in age, we glorify independency. But supreme independency isn’t ideal, at least for me. Ofc it’s good to do certain things on your own but having a partner by your side is great also.

  5. That your going to college to work at a job that cares absolutely nothing about you or your family. Meaning that if your a good employee it means nothing. You have to switch from job to job if you ever want to make more money which is the dumbest thing in my opinion.

    If your a good employee and do your job right you should get raises.

  6. It’s sad to say but sometimes how shallow people can be (myself included). People easily like to make judgements about you based on your ethnicity, race, sex, gender, beauty, income, profession thinking they know know everything about you and who are you; when in fact these factors don’t define a person’s character, intelligence, capacities and who they truly are as a person.

  7. No-one really knows what they are doing. We are all fumbling through life and learning on the job. Gave me perspective on my parents and how they were also learning as they went. They weren’t perfect, they had just been through some similar situations with my 2 older brothers.

  8. That most people were too young to commit to something when they needed to. That we”re expected at 17/18 to set our lives on track though going to university/college creates crippling debt and not nearly the opportunities promised. Also, that much of the feel good stories about people achieving or following their dreams later in life are all extremely rare cases. Most of them had money and time to burn in order to follow their passions, while average adults have neither.

  9. To be clear, these are observations I have made through my own experiences.

    1. That life is no longer about being honest and honorable; it’s about being a political drinking buddy with those in power in order to get ahead.
    2. That being old-fashioned in manners and etiquette is considered wrong and trying to hard to be likable; and on some levels… perverted.
    3. That topics about anything considered taboo is only wrong an inappropriate when you, the good person, brings them up. But if it’s brought up but the person whom everyone likes, that’s when it’s acceptable.
    4. To be considered attractive by today’s standards, you have to be/have: chiseled features, a willingness to be partly or fully naked at any time, an overly proportioned sex organ, publicly announce a fluid sexuality, tailored clothing by certain designers, a certain level of standing on various social media platforms, and an income starting at six-figures.

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