What’s a secret of yours that someone knows, but they don’t know you know they know?

What’s a secret of yours that someone knows, but they don’t know you know they know?

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  1. I farted really loud when I was falling asleep. I woke myself up. My roommate, whom I’ve known for only about a week, was awake, and if not, this was a blast that definitely would have woke him. Before I got mortified, I dropped off to sleep as I was dog tired.

    I know my roomie knows, but he doesn’t know that I know that he knows. The next morning, I kept a straight face and him being the polite guy, he asked me whether I felt well these days, that was it.

  2. I used to post my dick pics and shots of me having sex with my boyfriend on my old Reddit account. I know my sister found my screen name and looked at my posts. She’s never mentioned it to me or acted differently, so I just prefer to let it be. No need for such awkwardness if it can be at all avoided.

  3. I tried to quit smoking ciggies in college but kept sneaking for one reason or another to light one whenever I was with my then-girlfriend for extended period of time. I was dumb and didn’t think about the smoke smell all over my body every time I came back in to the apartment. Sometimes she would hug me and I could see her eyes roll or she’d sigh heavily when she got a whiff. She never mentioned it, but I could tell by her body language that she knew. She was nice about it and she never questioned why I would “take out the trash” 4 times a day. She let me think I was being sneaky, but I knew she knew, but she didn’t know that I knew she knew, so I felt bad about it instead.

  4. Not my secret but my friends. A couple in our friendship group broke up and it really divided our group as both of them are part of our main circle but it was super awkward for a around 1yr as many breakups are.
    After they broke up he slept with one of the girls in our group. Only myself and one other girl know. We spoke about it once and never again as we didn’t want to further divide the group and cause more problems. We never told anyone else in our group and his ex girlfriend doesn’t know. Neither her or the girl he slept with know that I know. I have suspected that he may have known at one point that I knew but neither if us have mentioned it.
    It’s been 10yrs and we’re all still friends and it’s never come out. I never even told my husband. I am a vault.

  5. That in going out with their ex-boyfriends younger sister. Seriously, this girl and her best friend keep on trying to play mind games with us, but I’m a smart guy. Ah well, I guess it’s only a matter of time until they know we know they know, and then of course we’ll know they know we know they know.

    Hope my SOs older brother doesn’t find out. He’s a bit of nerd but man, does he have some anger issues…

  6. That I have a tattoo. Staring at it’s covered location the day after we went swimming, followed by an “I accept tattoos, in fact I think they’re cool” conversation was a bit of a give away. Don’t take up poker kiddo.

    Of course I have another more secret tattoo. That they don’t know, which I know, so how could they know that I know that they don’t know?

  7. Women’s secrets

    Inaccessibility is just a hook on which a woman is trying to catch you. But if she sees that you don’t bite, that you don’t give a fuck, and that you are NOT AT ALL going to take your ass off the chair to start running after her, then she herself will start taking the initiative.

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