What’s a secret you’ll take to your grave but you’ll share with reddit because you need to get it off your chest?

What’s a secret you’ll take to your grave but you’ll share with reddit because you need to get it off your chest?

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  1. 37 years ago I knocked up a chick who was married to this guy who, to this day, thinks it’s his kid. The kids name is Michael, but you may know him as /u/Duck_Diggler

  2. Ok, here’s a fun one: about twenty years ago I made an ass of myself at a club. The after party ended up at my place because I felt bad for being a jerk earlier. I let this dude talk me into going down on him. I’m not gay or bi, but I was in my early twenties in a party town and was into new experiences.
    I thought it might be as fun as going down on a girl and even though I’m a total people pleaser; it wasn’t. He went down on me and it felt good, but I wasn’t into it.

    Haven’t told a soul, left that city and didn’t keep in touch with anyone from there. Can be absolutely sure I’m not into guys even though I definitely appreciate beauty no matter the gender (or non-gender).

  3. The amount of empty liquor bottles I found hidden around the house after my husband passed away. I knew that he liked to drink, sometimes a little too much, and it was something we bickered about occasionally, but I didn’t appreciate the full scope of how much exactly he was drinking. Maybe 2-3 years before his death he started working from home full-time and I’m guessing being home alone all day was when he started going off the rails.

    Absolutely nothing to do with the circumstances surrounding his death and I wouldn’t want to tarnish his memory to family or friends, so I keep it to myself but I don’t mind sharing it with strangers.

  4. Honestly I don’t think (or hope I won’t) take it to the grave but for now it’s a secret: I’m asexual. Almost 50, married with 3 kids … it’s confusing AF.

  5. I actually do know who took the pregnancy test that was found in the locker room my freshman year. I never told anyone but I know n I’ll keep it to myself.

  6. About a decade ago I caught my Dad looking at porn. The kind that would net him in jail, if you know what I mean. At the time I didn’t really know what to do or say so I just walked away and never mentioned it.

    Not long after, being far more competent with computers than he will ever be I did a very thorough search to see if he was actually into this and found that one moment to be the only time he ever looked that stuff up and nothing inappropriate was on the PC saved.

    Every once in a while I checked again, once as recently as just a few years ago and I’ve never seen a hint of that again, and I know he wouldn’t know how to hide that stuff better than I’d know how to find it. It really did seem like one moment of curiosity or whatever, I don’t know. But I’ll never forget the time I busted into the room looking for a usb stick and saw that shit on his monitor.

  7. I’m scared of my boyfriends’ whiteness. I love him. But I’m half native. And he’s full white. I’m just always scared that he’s going to say something racist because that’s all I’ve ever known from white people. I can’t stand bringing up my culture around him. Even though I love my culture dearly. The worst part is, I have no reason to even believe he would, because we’ve been best friends since elementary.

    He’s never once invalidated me. Never once said something racist. He’s never even perpetuated monoracism. He’s amazing and it’s a miracle we both even ended up together as two guys in a conservative town. But I wholeheartedly believe I will never stop being afraid of his lack of understanding on how it feels to be a cultural other.

  8. Wife believes she was my first time. I don’t think I ever insinuated it, she just believed it as i said I never saw a need for serious relationships until I met her. Don’t see a need to bring it up.

  9. To my entire primary school who was all mostly my enemies, I was the one who ruined yalls lives and make you turn on each other, you though you could bully me to death didnt ya? WEL SUCKS TO BE YOU TAKING SMOKES AT 14 AND DRINKING HA! NO REGRETS ON THAT ONE LOSERS. YOU HAD IT COMING.

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