What’s a social standard that just doesn’t make any sense?

What’s a social standard that just doesn’t make any sense?

What do you think?


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  1. *You shouldn’t go to the movies or a restaurant alone*

    Why not? What if I want a nice meal and don’t want to cook? And movies are the least social thing on the planet, you’re sitting in a dark room and not talking. Yet you do these by yourself and people look at you like you’ve got a second head.

  2. Trans women in female sports.

    I don’t say that lightly … I’m all for trans rights, etc, … it’s just that particular thing that is dumb as hell. I don’t know what the solution to it is, but allowing men who have transitioned into females to play in female sports is not the answer.

    Down vote me all you want, do not care.

  3. The consumption of alcohol, being a mandatory gatekeeper to nearly all forms of social engagement. What’s sad about this standard, is that those who aren’t interested in even at least a small amount of it, are often given weird looks and the person offering the alcohol, has the nerve to appear, “offended”. I just don’t understand how humanity has allowed itself to become unable to socially engage confidently by default, without needing to feel empowered by their own trivial consumption of a certain type of beverage.

  4. “Sluts.”

    Don’t know why what people do behind closed doors is anyone’s business. Conversely, I don’t want people making their activities my business, either.

    But that ship has sailed. We live in a world where people will say and do whatever they want, regardless of who they bother with it.

  5. High heels as a fashion social standard.

    High heels were invented for military men to stay in their stirrups.

    I do think some women do look gorgeous in heels and ought to wear them if they want to. But I‘ve always risked my ankles wearing them.

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