What’s a song lyric or quote you intentionally say wrong because it’s more entertaining that way?

What’s a song lyric or quote you intentionally say wrong because it’s more entertaining that way?

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  1. Tim Pretty, Waiting is the hardest part. Always thought that it would make a great weight watchers ad if you changed it to, “the weigh in is the hardest part”. It’s how I sing it now.

  2. I just ran into this a few days ago! In The Wallflowers’ One Headlight he sings: “It smells of cheap wine and cigarettes, this place is always such a mess” and I always change it to “this place is such a fucking mess” Just have always sung it that way 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. There’s a CCR song called “Bootleg.”

    The lyrics are: Bootleg Howl

    I always heard it as Coolaid Powder, so I just sing that instead. Check out the song, you’ll see what I’m talking about lmao

  4. Some I like to say are:

    “Fuck my life into pieces” (Papa Roach: Last Resort)
    “Might as well face it, you’re a dick in a butt” (Robert Palmer: Addicted to Love)

    One that my friend says is “I keep the Cool Whip, baby” (Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Love)

  5. Nonspecific, but I like to replace the word “you” with the word “dudes”. The cadence fits and the results are humorous.

    Shameless by Garth Brooks is probably the pinnacle of this approach.

  6. Gopher tuna!!
    Bring more tuna!!
    Statue of big dog with fleas!

    Some men like cheese

    Hot temperate cheese
    Green chalk can taste like
    You caught two rocks
    Pet two cool rats
    You don’t get cheese or chicken
    Play chess all day
    Hold his sock tip
    She sold me good hot chicken
    Saucy hot peas
    Get me COD please
    Rock talk to boy who believes
    Suck juice from moose
    Fun handsome goose
    Cement pizza noobie please!
    Open bra top
    Get him locked up
    Leaky aquaritaries
    Look there, fruit loop
    Don’t sue Youtube!
    They wrote the dictionary
    Salsa cookies
    Windmill Cookies
    They gave you gonorrhea
    This octopus
    Let’s give him boots
    Send him to North Korea
    Ow, paper cut
    Sandpaper, aah!
    Potato soup and chicken
    Go taste the dip
    Made with cool whip
    Make room for

    Piece of lovely cake!

  7. There was a song like 10 years ago that went “I got soul but I’m not a soldier.” Don’t remember what it was called.

    Anyway, a friend of mine used to say “I got ham but I’m not a hamster,” because it’s equally meaningless

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