What’s a thing that all women do but never admit it?

What’s a thing that all women do but never admit it?

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  1. Ad lib a menstrual pad from toilet roll when caught short and then spend the rest of the day terrified it’s going to fall out your trouser leg

  2. Judge other women for what they wear, who they’re dating / married to, how they raise their kids (if they have them) and how they interact with men.

  3. Apparently not wash their hands after using the bathroom?

    I keep seeing it as a male stereotype, but most women I know complain about how the women dont wash their hands.

  4. Discuss the intimate details of their relationships with their friends. Honestly it kinda irks me when women do this too. Invasion of privacy.

  5. Know that they’re brutal AF, but don’t admit it, to virtue signal.

    Size matters for example, but they won’t admit that they love 7 inch cocks and 6’2 ripped guys, and would rather ignore smaller guys and wait for better ones.

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