What’s a type of person you absolutely hate?

What’s a type of person you absolutely hate?

What do you think?


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  1. One-uppers.

    Talking about a lovely 4 star hotel you stayed at? Theirs was 5 star.

    Saved £50 on something? They saved £85.

    Doom one-uppers are even worse.

    Some bastard scratched my car. It’s costing me £150.

    Well, when someone scratched mine it cost £200. You’re lucky!

    I’ve been given 10mg of (anti-depressant).

    Oh I have that but it’s 20mg.

    Doom one-uppers are definitely worse. Fuck off.

  2. The person who comments “Source?”

    Yes, I think it’s important that people share verifiable information and not spread misinformation online. It doesn’t mean those people aren’t annoying. Especially when so often you can just…Google it.

  3. Hypocrites.

    Sadly most redditors are hypocrites and they love to hide behind the term “whataboutism” when confronted by it, not realising using it in that way is a fallacy on its own.

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