What’s a word that you think is very overused?

What’s a word that you think is very overused?

What do you think?

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  1. Commie and Fascist

    Adopted into American vocabulary to describe a person of an (often exaggerated) opposing political view

    They are both really far away from the original definitions, and nothing like those who the names we previously attributed to

  2. Cringe.

    There are some genuinely cringy things out there, but it’s not the right word most of the time.

    Creepy too.

    People can be creepy and it makes you feel weirded or grossed out when they are. However not every instance of someone being weird, strange, or socially awkward constitutes being “creepy”. It’s a pretty specific feeling.

  3. Epic. I feel many people say ‘this party is epic’ or ‘this is gonna be epic’ without fully knowing what an ‘epic’ night would ACTUALLY entail…🤣

  4. “We”.

    It is used quickly, often, and without much thought. Usually by presumptive individuals trying to appear as a part of or in charge of other people.

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