What’s an opinion you have that is vastly different from the general public?

What’s an opinion you have that is vastly different from the general public?

What do you think?

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  1. That our pobelms and suffering are not an excuse to be assholes to other people.

    A generally popular opinion that immediately becomes unpopular when people are emotional about their problems

  2. Ukraine is being played by its “allies”. They were only supplied enough weapons to stall Russia. Ukraine now has less Artillery than in the beginning of the war. Forget 2-3 times superiority needed for a counterattack or a no fly zone.

    succeeded territory in exchange for peace like Israel did with Egypt and Finland with USSR. If Russian mafia feels like it’s loosing power and consequently their lives, you think they won’t nuke Ukraine.

  3. I’m not sure if that’s in general or if it’s just the Americans, but anyways…

    I think all of theese valentine stuff is super dumb and unnecessary, what is the point of wasting money and time for asking out a person just for 1 night when the chances of you having to do something with them in the future is nit high. You will just forget about each other when you graduate from high shcool and that’s it. Literally, no point.

  4. I think we should’ve locked the vulnerable away instead of locking down the whole fucking world during the covid pandemic. This might seem unfair but consider this: vulnerable people are either fat, old or both. Do these people even leave their homes before they are locked down?

  5. On birth, every human should get a shot or a pill that made them temporary sterile.

    Now, the only way to get the antidote, would be to complete a course about basic baby caring abilities.
    So many kids born to inept and incompetent parents deserve better.

  6. Lord of the rings is terrible. I will die fighting on this hill. I don’t get it. Never will and I get people have the right to their own opinion but every time I watch them I can’t see what people see in them at all. They drag on forever and ever and I have never even watched the extended edition

  7. Many of today’s societal ills come from a generation of kids raised on the internet learning to be dickheads to their fellow man just because they could do so anonymously without being punched in the face. Online interactions with one another have shaped the personalities of a generation, many for the worse. This wouldn’t happen if the internet wasn’t anonymous, everybody signed in with their legal name. I don’t think it’s a bad idea and in fact within 25 years I bet we will all be signing into ISP accounts under our legal names to access the internet. Everything you say will have your name attached to it for all to see and you can do nothing about it. The internet will be the new public meeting place, everyone will be able to see exactly who everyone else is, there will be no anonymous username cloaks of invisibility. People who grow up in that and subsequent generations will show much more respect for one another.

  8. I dont think people that get money from the state (some kind of benefits from being unemployed. I know what it’s called in English, I’m Danish) should have rights to vote.

  9. I often make business decisions based off karma. Many colleagues have viewpoint that you can help more if you made more, which I agree. But this practice has been treating me well and don’t want to change the foundation.

  10. Stop rescuing people that get in caves/ caves that get floaded, every time they get out no problem and some of the heros die, like ARE YOU STUPID? why the hell would you get in a cave let alone one that is known to fload.

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