What’s an opinion you have that might piss some people off?

What’s an opinion you have that might piss some people off?

What do you think?

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  1. The only reason companies pander to activists is to make more money, and the only reason the government tolerates it is because the people in power see a way to use the movement to stay in power.

  2. All religions are a joke. I’d be called crazy if I believed in and kept talking to a random invisible man called dave. But everyone talks to their ‘gods’.

  3. The Academy Award (Oscar) requirements that the movie’s storyline should be centered around an underrepresented group is bullshit, and now the fact that the movie got an Oscar does not automatically mean that’s a good movie.

  4. Race – is a bs sudo science concept that has been disproven in every test post 1950. Skin pigmentation is based on D vitamin consumption. Aka less sun lighter skin to absorb more. Plenty towards to much, darker skin to not absorb to much sun. In other words the closer a individuals ethnicity is to the equator the darker skin colour.


  5. If you’re pro choice, that choice persists for vaccinations. I am all for the vaccine and its boosters, but we can’t force people to get it. That being said, they’ll have to live with the consequences of not being vaccinated which is far worse than the unknown consequences of being vaxxed.

  6. JK Rowling’s just a bit of a dick.

    I didn’t think this was very controversial but whenever it comes up it apparently is.

    Edit: Downvotes are funny in this thread. Proving my point.

  7. That my American born friend that has a French born mom and a Mexican born dad is multicultural but my friend that has 2 born in America parents is not even though some of her grandparents were born in Mexico.

  8. Boxbraids isnt ”black culture”, and it isnt yours to take in the first place. You cant gatekeep something that isnt yours, and saying to white people you cant have it because they are white, are new age jim crow laws and the definition of racism

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