What’s an unexpected perk of carrying extra fat?

What’s an unexpected perk of carrying extra fat?

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  1. Fat person strength. Your body has to adapt to carrying that much weight around so you end up packing on some muscle and strength just by existing in that state. Ever see a really fat guy do a cut accompanied by a gym routine? They start strong and by the time the fat is gone they’re fucking jacked.

  2. You’re heavier, therefore harder to kidnap. Of course it depends on how much that fat is. If it’s just a little, it won’t make it that much harder for the kidnappers to carry you, but if it’s 30 extra kilos it will

  3. Fat is desirable in meat such as steak it is called marveling and people pay top dollar for a well marveled steak such as wagu. Also the fatty part of the brisket known as the “point” or “moist” section is the tastiest. If you are skin and bones the meat would be very tough and dry. My point is if we ever needed to eat you during the apocalypse carrying a little excess fat is good for the rest of us

  4. You are warmer in cold winter weather. I noticed this during pregnancies. As soon as the baby was born (my baby weight dropped off within a week) I was cold for the remainder of the winter.

  5. Sitting on a hard surface (wooden chair, stadium seat) is more comfortable with a little extra weight.

    Pretty sure it’s a narrow range where it’s an actual advantage, but the pain of sitting is a surprise when one loses weight.

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