What’s do you dislike most about getting older?

What’s do you dislike most about getting older?

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  1. Seeing my parents, or other family members age. It has actually been bothering me a lot lately. People you know start to pass away more frequently to. Old neighbors and acquaintances you haven’t thought about in awhile die more and more.

  2. Pain is no longer a mild inconvenience that occurs only after partying and drinking for 2 days straight and 3 hours of sleep will take care of.

    Now, when I stay up past 11pm and sleep in a weird position, pain becomes a multi-day affair where I lose almost complete range of motion in the affected limb

  3. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING takes a bigger physical toll. Hangovers are worse, exercise is harder, and even things you wouldn’t think about affect you for days. Hell I took my kids to the water park, and it took me a solid 2 weeks to physically recover from *riding water slides*

  4. Ageism. If I was to lose my job, I probably wouldn’t be able to get one. People just want to hire younger people even if their skills suck in comparison to mine. It’s a bit depressing.

  5. My joints getting more and more unstable. I’m only 28 but I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome and most people with it say that your ‘EDS age’ is 40 plus the amount of years you’ve actually lived. I certainly do feel like an old woman sometimes!

  6. aches and pain in places you didn’t even know about.

    I’ve never even paid any attention to my pinky toe til I woke up one morning and it wouldn’t bend right.

  7. One day you’ll bend your elbow and it will fucking hurt. And it will continue to hurt until you die. The only distraction will be when a knee or the other elbow does it the first time.

  8. There’s always something else that needs to be taken care of.

    Double or triple that if you have kids.

    It used to be – go to work, come home, eat, maybe a show or a game… now my life is a endless list of things I need to do.

    Chores, bills, health, appointments, getting food, preparing food, cleaning, house maintenance, car maintenance, repairs, new injury or body thing, mental health, more cleaning, that thing with the parents, that thing with the friends (if you’re lucky), optometrist? already?, mammogram? seriously? in a fucking vise?, try to have a garden?, who’s birthday? What? Jesus F’ing Christ…

    I didn’t even mention work. Or the mental space it takes when they find a lump. Or how often you wake up in the middle of the night for no fucking reason.

    I just… what the hell happened?

    I’ve been a responsible adult paying my bills and shit since I was a teenager and yet… I swear it keeps getting more complicated.

    Throw in marriages, funerals, taxes, holidays, ‘vacations’, sex and trying to have a quiet moment with the spouse once in a while and…

    I swear it was simpler. Once upon a time. I swear.

  9. Wanting to hit on the beautiful 22 year old at the bar, but then remembering that you’re 40, so you just stare back down at your phone to pretend you’re busy, because all your close friends are married with children, and you have absolutely nothing to do on a Friday night, except venture out alone, with a copious amount of discretionary income to spend, and no one to be responsible for…never-mind, I love my life.

  10. Everyone expects you to have your shit together at a certain age. Nope, we’re still in the same boat as we were 10 years ago, but everything aches more.

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