What’s easy to learn but hard to master?

What’s easy to learn but hard to master?

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  1. Falling asleep.

    All humans naturally know how to fall asleep, but being able to fall asleep whenever you want, at any time and any place, at your desk at work, at your bench in class, in your car, etc. requires you to master the art of falling asleep.

    I wish I was one of those people who can take 20 minute power naps at any time of the day.

  2. Guitar. It’s easy to learn the bare basics like strumming open chords, but there are so many ways to play it, and certain techniques feel near impossible to master.

  3. Tiling. I was taught to tile as a kid. Finally as an adult I used the skill to fix a bathroom and then to redo the bathroom. Came out well.

    People saw my bathroom and said “You did that?!?” Yep was super easy, because everything was fucking square, there were no weird corners, and I just had to keep shit straight and level.

    Growing up I literally worked with a guy who could do mosaics.

  4. Art. I’m an artist and there is some art techniques I can not do and probably never will. Hyper-realistic drawing/painting is one of them. It takes crazy mastering to do. I also do ceramics and it takes soooo very long to become a master ceramicist. Most of the best ones are overseas and the techniques they use have been passed down in families from generation after generation.

  5. Guitar/ukulele.

    You can get decent at it in less than a year of lazy practice, enough to play most basic tunes and sing-along to it.

    And then you will stay on that level until you day of old age.

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