What’s one thing you won’t ever buy again?

What’s one thing you won’t ever buy again?

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  1. MSI gaming laptop.

    I appreciate they’re probably excellent laptops, but I bought one between 6 and 9 years ago. It had problem after problem, and had to be sent back to the manufacturer 3 times. I literally unboxed it and it had to go back, repeat. After the third time I gave up (mostly because it was out of warranty and I’d have to start paying shipping) and let the dodgy IT guy I knew have a look at it and it worked fine after. But never again.

    It was my first gaming laptop and I was so soured by the experience I don’t know if I’ll ever buy anything from the brand again, despite knowing three or four people personally who have MSI gaming laptops and have never had a problem.

  2. Any Epson products. The all-in-one we’ve got made it three days out of warranty before the printer’s ink lines seized. The scanner still works but that’s it. Super hostile tech support too. Pretty lame.

  3. peacock premium or w/e. I swear to god I’m so sick of this streaming shit. Just when I taught my 75 year old mother the art of canceling when not in use, she’s all upset that I won’t help her sign up for cock to watch Jamie Lee Curtis in some Halloween B movie. Mind you I have to visualize her smart TV UI that I used 2 years ago when I last visited. It’s like, wait until it’s up for rent please, remember when we spent 2 hours installing and setting up prime video, yea I do. Use that or your other ones I did where that shit might come up in a few weeks.

    Anyway, these services are in cahoots, all deciding when and what to have so that season 1-2 is here and the rest is there but you can buy 3-4 here if you want. And why wouldn’t people “want” simplicity for $39.50 if it means staving off a 2 hour tech support call with mom,

    Not that I don’t have HBO MAX for Dune right now, but still. Ugh, I guess I’ve contributed nothing to this question.

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