What’s one thing you would do differently (compared to your parents) if you were to raise a child?

What’s one thing you would do differently (compared to your parents) if you were to raise a child?

What do you think?

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  1. I will definitely not compare my kids to other children. I’d let them learn stuff and make mistakes(as long as these mistakes don’t cause permanent damage and would teach a valuable lesson, I’d probably let it slide ONCE). And I will definitely not embarrass them in public by acting like a child myself.

  2. I am a parent, and I make sure my kids know, every day, that while I may be frustrated or angry sometimes, I love them and am always there for them. I also work hard to make sure they know it’s okay for them to be emotional, to feel things and to express that, no matter what those feelings are.

  3. I’d let them be themselves and tell them they’re perfect as they are.

    Right now I’m having a really hard time because I realised that my whole life I was changing myself little by little for other people that I don’t even know who I am anymore. And that freaking sucks

  4. The generation gap between me and my parents is of 25-30 years and my older siblings (an elder sister and elder brother are 11-12 years respectively)!!!

    The generation gap between me and my parents is of 25-30 years and my older siblings ( a elder sister and elder brother is 11-12 years respectively)!!!

    I was and still m the youngest and my views never mattered. ( I m a 26F).

  5. There are no tabo subjects, and from the start we’ve encouraged our kids to talk about everything.

    We’ve worked really hard to make them know our family is a team and we will with through anything together.

    It was hard when my 8 year old described to us what amounted to panic attacks but we were able to get them help so early. Love is so complex, communication is so big in that. Im glad our home is what it is.

  6. Follow through and be a little more firm. Not strict or anything.. but my whole life I watched my little brother walk all over my mom and it frustrated me to no end. She always threatened punishment (by like taking away his computer or something along those lines) but never ever did it. He knew there were no consequences to doing whatever the hell he wanted.

    She treated me differently though. But I am a much different person than my brother. She hit me once, and I don’t even know WHY. I must have been annoying her or something, but she was not clear on why she hit me so I just ended up being scared of her. I remember being so confused and upset. So yeah, if you are going to punish your kids be clear about what they did wrong.

  7. Apologise when I make mistakes

    Not humiliate my kids in front of other people to make the other people laugh

    Treat all of my children the same.

    Never hit them.

    Don’t give them soft drink for their entire childhood and not take them to the dentist.

    Vaccinate them.

    Make them feel loved and important.

    I could go on but they’re the basics that come to mind.

  8. Allow my children to have creativity and not say “you can’t paint that” or “you cant decorate that” because “everything needs to be color coordinated or else it looks tacky”

    Not call my child names for trying to express themselves through clothing, makeup, etc

    I won’t give up on my child or scream at them/call them names, when they get frustrated with their homework.

    I won’t throw things at my child and have a temper tantrum over the fact that I didn’t get my way.

    I will treat my child with love and respect

    I will put effort into teaching my child the skills they need to succeed in life and not shelter them

    I will put effort into spending time with my family and not lock myself in a bedroom to watch tv all day and night and scream when anyone interrupts

    Edit – almost forgot- I also won’t threaten to sell their pet if they don’t do what I want

  9. Dont beat them with weapons because they misbehave because they needed a father figure but could never be bothered to be around and be a father.

    Except for when it was time for whooping ass.

  10. Not be a perfectionist psycho with unachievable standards

    But besides that, I’d let my child argue. I want my kid to grow up in an environment where the reasons for what I, as a parent, do or ask them to do. So if my kid makes a good point on why something should happen, I’ll try not to ignore that. It may make an argumentative little shit, but I think the clear communication will be helpful.

    Also give my child immutable personal space to themselves, their room should be a sanctuary.

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