What’s something 2020 ruined for you?

What’s something 2020 ruined for you?

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  1. My band. I dedicated 10 years to it, made a couple albums and then all the music venues shut down overnight and a lot of them haven’t come back still. My bandmates went back to their hometowns when covid first hit and it was only supposed to be two weeks

    Now they’re still back in their hometowns, it’s been 2 years since we’ve even done a show, and while I’m trying to work together with new people, I really miss the guys I worked with for all those years. Of course I’d want to get back to playing with them, but first I just want to see them again.

  2. The relationship I’d just gotten into. We both became “Essential Workers” on overtime, there was no longer any place to go do anything, and we drifted apart. Good news is, we are still good friends.

  3. The Belle Delphine Christmas porn was officially the biggest disappointment of 2020.
    I will upload it to here when I get home for anyone interested but I’ll tell you now to call it a “hardcore porn” is a fucking disgrace and an actual insult to the many ACTUAL hardcore actresses that get spat on and are almost brought to tears from the sheer fucking power. You literally get to see maybe 8-12% of her vagina, the main thing you see is literally her boyfriends cock filling the space and her sticking some fucking shrek dildo in her ass. It’s honestly a new fucking low tbh, yeah she gets fucked in the ass a bit, but she specifically positions herself so you cannot see anything except maybe a crumb of flaps and once again her boyfriends dick. I mean her boyfriends not even fucking hot he’s got some average ass cock and some dutty dad bod.

    Honestly i had been considering unsubbing if she fucked us over with this shit and I honestly think this classified as a bait. Who cares about her getting fucked if you literally don’t see the cum shot over her vagina? Yeah like I’m gonna beat it to this guys crusty ballsack and her tiny asshole I’ve seen many times already. Absolutely appalled at it, 12 mins or so of pure shit

  4. My general respect for humanity. I’m not saying I had a ton of it before, but having to deal with grown adults throwing tantrums over wearing a mask for fifteen minutes out of a day for a single doctor’s appointment and having to call security on them because they make such a huge scene is what dragged my respect down.

  5. Boredom and loneliness. 2020 was the best year of my life. I had more fun than ever. It’s amazing how slowing life down and focusing on the things and people that really matter is just what was needed.

  6. They took the ability to say my proper goodbyes to my friend. He died in March, just a tad bit after they forced the quarantine on everyone and the family didn’t get to have a funeral.

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