What’s something a lot of people do, but don’t realise it’s shrinking their life expectancy ?

What’s something a lot of people do, but don’t realise it’s shrinking their life expectancy ?

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  1. Sitting too much. Our bodies are not built for the insanely sedentary lives we live. Even many of us who are relatively active spend most of the day sitting at a desk at the office and then sitting on a couch/gaming chair/whatever all night

  2. A lot of people perform smaller maintenance works on their homes by themselves, as a hobby, or because it’s too expensive to hire a professional.

    However, lots of homes, especially when they’re older, contain asbestos. Asbestos is difficult to recognize by the naked eye, and the “Do It Yourself”-people, often don’t wear proper protective clothing, when doing construction on their houses.

    Exposure to asbestos can cause several types of deadly inflammations and cancer in the lungs. Not immediately, it takes years to develop, but even a short-term exposure of a day, can put you at risk.

  3. Eating “healthy” food that are not actually healthy. If it needs to convince you it’s good for you, then you probably shouldn’t eat it. Diet foods/drinks aren’t helping you either.

  4. Napping, sadly.

    Some studies have suggested that taking long naps (more than 1 hour) can increase levels of inflammation, which is linked to heart disease and increased risk of death. Other research has also connected napping with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, depression and anxiety. However, the researchers also found that long naps only increased the risk of death if the person slept more than six hours per night.

  5. They don’t learn how their bodies work.

    Do you understand how calcium bonds to your bones and what other nutrients are required for the process?

    Or are you reading marketing material telling you it will help prevent osteoporosis?

    Knowledge is power and you want a powerful life, learn not just one part of life learn all parts of life. Like nutritional uptake, sleep cycles and cognitive maintenance, it’s important to take care of the whole you.

    Mind, body and consciousness

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