What’s something people love to say that’s completely false?

What’s something people love to say that’s completely false?

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  1. They say they’ll always “Stay”, yet they always end up leaving.

    Others say they completely understand us and relate to how we feel, but that’s often never the case. Not only do they not “Understand” us, they also turn comforting someone into their own story and proceed to speak about themselves.

  2. Offering their “thoughts and prayers” for anything and everything. It’s an extremely lazy way for people to project that they actually give a damn about a cause, tragedy, etc.

  3. Republicans care about freedom. Their entire platform is about subverting democracy, dictating their perverted sense of morality, destroying the environment, and debasing any semblance of debate.

  4. 1. Electricity follows the path of least resistance.
    2. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  5. Looks don’t matter. And that’s bullshit. The minute I started taking care of my looks people treated me different. More kindly and they forgive more

  6. The one that I recently encountered, and is somehow ingrained in people, is that Hitler was part Jewish. Absolutely zero evidence to it other than gossip and assumptions.

  7. “we need meat for protein”

    no you “need” meat because you are selfish and value your taste buds higher than someone’s entire existence.

    you can be plantbased and be healthy and therefore we all have an ethical obligation to be plantbased

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