What’s something Redditors like to blindly hate?

What’s something Redditors like to blindly hate?

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  1. Relationships.

    “Help, my husband doesn’t put the toilet seat down”
    Answer: “Break up immediately!!!”

    “My girlfriend fell asleep during sex”
    Answer: “Break up immediately!!!”

  2. Anyone who has an opposing political opinion. I often think it’s because people are not used to living with and around people who are very different from themselves. It’s something I’m used to. My father was in the US Army, so I lived in a lot of different places. Military bases are also surprisingly diverse. There are people of regions, races, political affiliations, etc. I’ve even met a few communists at my local military base. They were married to service members. You get used to navigating serious differences among people.

    Another failing in this regard is people just want to be right. They aren’t concerned about what the truth of the matter might be – feeling as if they are right is the ultimate goal. As such, people will not listen to others. It’s only an opportunity to prove to themselves that they are right, even if they may not be.

  3. Religion

    I met ppl all over reddit who spams hate against religion just because they never have experienced it and don’t know what it’s all about. I’m a christian and I would gladly talk about it if I didn’t het death threats from toxic atheists (I respect atheists if they respect religion)

  4. As I read through the comments here I started to think that maybe reddit is mostly about blind hate.

    That’s a thought that’ll sour your mood.

  5. Car Community specifically: Scotty Kilmer.

    Everyone has their reasons.

    I personally like Scotty. I don’t take everything he says to be the gospel, but they guy is really smart and tells people like it is. I’m not going to get into any debates on Jack Stands, Compression Fittings or tire plugs.

    Scotty helps people who are short on cash or knowledge about cars telling them if they can live with something, cheaply repair something, or if it needs immediate fixing. Yes, I know the click bait, and his mad obsession for Toyota is annoying but I’ve been watching him for years and i rather enjoy Scotty.

  6. Everything because negative stories get more upvotes. For example, no one posts about how their HOA is good and unintrusive or that they had a good experience working for Amazon or that their landlord immediately fixed something in their apartment.

  7. The Big Bang Theory. It was a hugely popular show, clearly many people liked it. To which you get “Yeah but only shallow stupid people like it because they think it’s smart. Actual smart people hate it!!!”

  8. You can say anything here and some mf will come in and call you an asshole for it. I mentioned once that I knew my ex’s phone password and got called an abusive untrustworthy piece of shit that deserves to die alone. So I guess the answer is “anything that isn’t their clearly defined naively linear way of thinking”

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