What’s something that isn’t therapy but feels like therapy?

What’s something that isn’t therapy but feels like therapy?

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  1. For me, taking a long walk and just talking to myself. I walk every day for a hour or 2 around the neighborhood and just talk to myself about any and everything on my mind. Sometimes it’s things I am hung up on, sometimes it about what I need to do at work tomorrow, other times its about everything wrong with the Star Trek franchise.

    Sometimes I imagine I am talking to someone I know like my wife or my closest friend. Sometimes I talk to them about something I need to talk to them about, like I am practicing what I am going to say. Other times I pretend I am just talking about my problems to them and imagine what they would say to me. (I do actually talk to them about things, but sometimes it’s easier to have a imaginary conversation because someone isn’t available or I am just not ready to really talk to someone about whatever).

    I know part of the reason I feel better is because I got out of the house and got some exercise, but a lot of it is just talking out my problems with myself and clearing my head of them. It’s very similar to journaling, but I have never been able to keep that up.

  2. Ummmm….I hate, but love, how I process information because now I find myself being unable to answer this question due to missing information.

    I could say, “If something feels therapeutic what makes it not therapy?” At that point it’s pointless to ask that question because it becomes highly relative depending upon the person. So…I don’t really know how to answer this without asking what your definition of therapy is.

  3. I learned to control my casual anger around my friends dog.

    I love my friend’s dog so when I was staying with her I was still working remote and would slam the phone or talk in a tone that would scare a pup and so I had to learn to control that otherwise I would scare her dog.

    Now I’m back home but I keep pictures of her pup taped to my wall as a reminder to calm down if I start getting heated.

  4. Listening to music that gives you those ‘shivers’, or makes you cry because of its beauty.

    One song that always gets me is [Clair de Lune](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNcsUNKlAKw&ab_channel=Rousseau). The ‘drop’ at around 1:55 is the real hit, but it doesn’t work as well if you don’t listen to the parts before.

    The other problem is, listen to it too often and it loses it’s ‘shivers’, so you have to find something new. I try to keep Clair de Lune on the backburner when I’m feeling really down, so it’s always special to me.

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