What’s something that seems normal to others that traumatized you?

What’s something that seems normal to others that traumatized you?

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  1. My dad. He worked as a postman for 15yrs and everyone who knew him always said that he’s the best and most kind postman ever. Meanwhile at home as his son i never saw the kind side of him, he just beat me up like every second day as a habbit

  2. Birds as pets. I had an incident when I was younger involving a bird from outside getting into the house and being stuck in a small room with it while my dad tried to whoosh it out the window. Birds belong outside, flying around. Idc if you think clipping the wings doesn’t hurt them or whatever it’s a bird it’s meant to fly it’s not meant to sit in a cage to entertain you. I will not go into a house that keeps a bird as a pet.

  3. Living in the US North where it’s cold and snows. I fell in an ice fishing hole when I was about 10 (that’s **very** cold BTW), which permanently scared me for life with cold weather. When I graduated high school I immediately moved to Florida where I finally could get warm. Despite the flak the Sunshine State gets from Redditland I have to live here, I can’t do cold weather.

  4. Booking holidays, going on holiday, doing things spontaneously, making phone calls – particularly to large companies, being around other people…..

    To name just a few…

  5. The Bay Bridge gave me megalophobia. It freaked me out how big the beams must have been and how deep the water was. I have an irrational fear of bridges and large things now

  6. Having no worries about water and swimming. You know how they say you have to waddle before you swim? Well, I was just sort of pushed into the deep end of the public pool by my childhood swim coach. Today I am still terrified of deep waters. I never, ever, swim in the ocean. And when I do go swimming, most often at the public pool, I feel uneasy swimming in the deeper parts of the pool. I can do it, but my heart beats faster, and I fight the mental image of what the water and floor of the pool looks like underneath me.

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