What’s something that’s made you gag that you’ve watched or seen?

What’s something that’s made you gag that you’ve watched or seen?

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  1. It was more about the smell, but… I was a volunteer technical rope technician. A 3 day old body was in a crevice and I was the one that was lowered down to tie the body to the stretcher and be lifted out with it. The whole process is extremely slow and involves me straddling the body for over an hour while I’m lifted out. I gagged constantly from the smell, I had no idea smell could be that repulsive. I somehow managed to not puke. Within a month I was making plans to go back to engineering school – I have nothing but respect for people that can do that work.

  2. Dr. Pimple popper and all that shit. Human and animal waste, pus, liquids, vomit, etc are the most disgusting things on this planet imo.

    Does not include blood or guts.

  3. Used to work SpEd at a high school

    One of the kids had a sinus infection

    Sneezed a wad of liquid green gunk onto his hand and then slurped it off

    Had to turn away so he wouldn’t see me gagging

  4. There’s a thing online called the gauntlet, a series of videos played one after the other getting more extreme as it goes on, well one video is from a porno, she starts sucking this guys dick and pulls his skin back and there’s just TONS of dick cheese, she starts licking it and eats it while sucking. It’s gross lol.

  5. Kid blew huge snot bubble out his nose and his mouth was open and he ate it.

    I don’t handle snot. I especially don’t handle snot being ingested.

    I can handle blood and guts and poo and sometimes vomit (the older I get the harder vomit it to deal with) but I cannot deal with snot. And that video is making me nauseated just remembering it.

  6. I draw porn for a living so I have a pretty strong stomach for the weird. Especially since I actively draw crazy fetishes for the bonus money it brings on.

    Despite this, I’ve gagged a few times. The one right off the top of my head was someone wanting me to draw their filly pony getting masturbated by an older one.

    That was whatever. Easy money. What made me gag was his fucking character reference. Full on scat porn. I was expecting like a pony standing there like usual for a reference, but discord pinged and I tabbed over to a mountain of shit in a diaper and it just completely caught me off guard. Yeah i get you are asking me to draw foalcon of this character and paying a boatload of money for it, but just a warning would have been real fuckin nice. Just a “hey man i only have this crazy scat fetish piece for a reference so here’s a link and prepare yourself”. I’m 90% sure these people get off on surprising you with their depravity.

    I did the commission anyway cause money after capping the head as a color picker/mane ref so i wouldn’t have to look at that monstrosity while drawing, but god damn. It was one of the commissions that had me stop taking anything at all involving diapers. I took a good 20% pay cut by closing commissions for that stuff, but my sanity deserved it.

  7. there was a video i saw on Reddit, which showed a girl who stuck a huge cucumber in her ass and a doctor desperately trying to remove it. just imagine it breaking in half and the other half trapped inside.

  8. Currently watched Total Drama Island for the first time on Netflix. Some of the food challenges are disgusting. I know it’s a cartoon but it still makes me gag. Yuck.

  9. Just watched an old rerun of ER where a guy in a Santa suit had food poisoning and puked right in Weaver’s face.

    I know it’s all Hollywood and not real, but still. Gross.

  10. No one here has ever seen a your mom’s house live episode??? Light weights. The last one had a video of a girl shitting on a guys dick then jerking him with her shit covering his dick and finished off by trying not to puke while sucking his shit dick. Another one had again girls fisting while puking on each other. And that was only 2 clips from almost a 3 hour show.

  11. Most likely blue waffle, 2 girls 1 cup (could not watch further after she started eating) and the old rotten website.

    It’s completely different if you know it’s real. I starting to get a headache after I realize it.

  12. I saw a video whilst scrolling through the Facebook watch section and it was basically a dude waiting for his sink to drain.

    Do you know when you get bits of food that come off your cutlery and plates when you wash the pots/dishes and you sometimes get a gunky cabbage like mound of crap in the trap of your sink?

    Yeah, so when the sink finally drained, man’s picked up a spoon, gone at it like it was a Skyr Yoghurt and ate it.

    Saw this about a year ago and makes me wretch at least once a week.

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