What’s something that’s slowly but steadily ruining your life?

What’s something that’s slowly but steadily ruining your life?

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  1. I’m sick all the fucking time and have to spend days getting in and out of a hot shower to get some relief. Over night too, I lay down with hot water hitting my chest and fucking doze off. Sometimes the water is too hot and I don’t notice because I feel like shit and I end up with burns on my back and forehead. I’ve been to a bunch of doctors, had an endoscopy and and a colonoscopy and no one can figure it out, the latest guess is anxiety and stress. There’s such tightness and pain in my sternum. All I can do is lay in bed or sit in the shower. The pain makes me nauseous and I’ll heave and heave some days. I only drink water and most of it comes back up.

    This is no damn way to live. I wake up with it everyday and some days it’ll go away. There are a lot it doesn’t.

    Edit: had it about 4 years now, pre pandemic, and it started as like once every other month. Slowly got more frequent until it’s now daily.

  2. The rise of censorship, conformity, and the ever so slightly decreasing amount of choices that I am legally allowed to make. We are approaching very dark times, where state and corporation are interchangeable, democracy is an empty term, and our mind gets so polluted with a constant stream of nonsense that we descent into complete madness.

    Many will probably consider this delusions or directionless anxiety.Im feeling so alone.

  3. Chronic pain. I’ve been dealing with it since I was a teenager (lots of sports injuries, including a spinal fracture) and was later diagnosed with an incurable chronic pain condition (basically, I hurt all over, all the time, as a baseline). I am doing my best to manage it but it is just getting worse and worse. I can’t imagine how bad it will be as I get older (early 40s now).

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