What’s something we don’t have a word for yet?

What’s something we don’t have a word for yet?

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  1. The feeling when when a warm part of your body comes into contact with a cold part of your body. You feel a sensation that is both cooling and heating at the same time in the same place.

    If there’s a word for this I would love to know.

  2. Sometimes a situation happens and you just feel… something… You’re not sure what it is but you know you’re feeling a strong emotion. Upon further consideration, you realize that you’re feeling an emotion that doesn’t exist. Like when you watch your friend poke three holes in a pancake and attempt to use it as a super hero mask.

  3. There are lots of things and phrases we don’t yet have *one single word to describe.*

    For example, “a colophon printed on living skin,” “the altar stone of an abandoned temple,” and “tracks in the illimitable void.”

  4. When you and a girl want to date but are just a little too young, what am I supposed to say when people ask what my relationship with her is?

  5. The difference between « soft » as in « feeling soft to the touch » and « soft » as is « drapey » or « not rigid ». As a french speaking guy, we have two different words for those and looking for clothes is crazy hard in english

  6. That thing where you try to get out of someone’s way while they’re trying to get out of your way and you end up in a side stepping get out of the way dance

  7. We have no word for cum mixed with shit, which is a substance that is created during anal intercourse.

    I was thinking “shum” or “cush” perhaps?

  8. Never heard of a word, for when you’re trying to pass by somebody, but you both move the same direction, so you keep accidentally bumping into each other.

  9. There should be a word for a reverse role-model – someone you strive to be the opposite of.

    For some people that word is parents but there should be a word for it

  10. I don’t think there’s a word for the little rubberized balls that form when underwear elastic starts to degrade, and the rubbery threads ball up with lint during a wash, and there’s no way to remove them except cutting them off, which could completely cause the elastic to unravel.

  11. Is there a “clinical” word for people who were completely normal then became super conspiracy about everything during the trump presidency?

  12. For one I’ve yet see english word for “laipa”. It’s best explained as elevated wooden structure ment to be walked over. Can function as a bridge, or dock or just a footpath in nature parks

  13. There’s no English word for getting tickled by a puppy. In French it’s chiotouillant.

    Edit: that’s actually not a French word either so there ya go.

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