What’s something you can’t believe you had to explain to a grown adult?

What’s something you can’t believe you had to explain to a grown adult?

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  1. Not quite a grown adult, but I once had to explain what “gay” means to a 17 year old in an online game. There was a pride month event and he said he was “scared of gay people”, turns out I blew his mind with the concept of two men being in a relationship.

  2. I worked at a family dollar last year and had a young kid start and had to show him what the change was Penny’s dimes nickel and quarter. I’m 50 at the time and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how someone doesn’t know this

  3. My father-in-law asked me if I was born with the genetics to begin life only speaking Spanish when I told him that English wasn’t my 1st language lol

    That was a fun conversation to have. Even my mother in law was dumbfounded by his question.

  4. That opinions are not facts. Noone is saying you are wrong just because they have a different opinion or do not agree with you. No, you are not being attacked. Sucks cuz there will be good people in your life that you just cant have any sort of conversation without them getting offended.

  5. * That an ampersand and a musical G-clef are not the same symbol.
    * That a 2-inch salamander tadpole found in Maryland was not an axolotl (which are 12-inches long and live in Mexico).
    * That a public elementary school book sale was not raising money for scholarships. (Public = no student pays tuition. Elementary = our students are too young for college.)
    * That the 2012 rerelease of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D was the original film converted to 3D by a computer, NOT a remake with new actors.

  6. I work for an early intervention program where therapists work with little ones in homes and daycares doing speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. I had a parent get upset over the phone when I told her her child’s provider cannot come to the home if the child has hand, foot, and mouth disease because it’s contagious and since they visit several homes a day all day and also work with medically fragile kids, they can’t spread illness around. She wasn’t having it. We’ve had providers get URI’s and gastro bugs and spread them around the office because parents don’t let them know they or the kids are sick because they don’t want to cancel appointments.

  7. “Businesses have the freedom of speech *as well* and as such: them banning your account, censoring you in any way or otherwise removing content without your permission *is* (drum roll): **fully legal**”.

    Nowhere in the mix is government getting involved, which *means* your freedom of expression ***was never removed, not even once. Not even close.***

    Remember “no shirts, no shoes, no service”? *That’s Freedom of Speech.*

    Someone owning a gigantic social media platform does not then just automatically guarantee your a) usage of that service or b) continued usage of that service simply because it’s also where other people go to talk. Even elected officials. Doesn’t matter. Even if that’s their *chosen* platform, it still does not make said platform as an automatic and default-state “town square”. That’s not a thing. It’s still a business.

    Which has its freedom to express itself, just like you do. They own the thing you put that content on. Being that they invented it, even if they simply just don’t like what you say and even if it’s not even offensive: you can still have it removed and your freedoms still will not have been removed.

    People seriously somehow can NOT seem to get this. It’s like they constantly try to work ways around it, as though the legality of the freedom itself is actually what they hate.

    I.E: Saying “soandso thinks their opinion is more important and worth more than MY freedom of speech” makes ***absolutely no sense, at all.***

    The words don’t connect in the above sentence to make it a coherent string of words, as the concepts are at complete odds with each other. If someone has an opinion on anything and they expressed it, as did you: then you enacted your freedom of speech, even if the business (for example) removes only 1 person’s comments in like a comment-tree. *Still does not matter at all, no freedoms were ever lost in any of this so the sentence of someone else thinking they are more important than YOUR freedoms is nonsensical, since neither of you lost any of them.*

    At worst it’s a business who plays favorites with the things it wishes to express against the things it wishes not to express. *Businesses are allowed to do that.*

  8. I was working as a bank teller (US) and had a customer call and ask me to make a withdrawal as a cashier’s check from their account. Then to fax the check to the store where they were so that they could make a purchase. I tried to explain that while there were several problems with this, the biggest one was that I could not fax them a cashier’s check because it would not be legal tender, only a picture of a check. Customer got irate and asked to speak with my manager.

  9. He was only a college freshman, but fuck it, no quarter. I had a conversation with a friend once that went like:

    “Drug laws are really strict in Japan. Like, you can actually go to jail.”

    “Dude, you can go to jail in America for drugs.”

    “No, no. My friend got caught with weed once and he just had to pay a fine to the cops and they let him go.”

    That was fun to unpack.

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