What’s something you did that helped your mental health?

What’s something you did that helped your mental health?

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  1. * got more sleep (8+ hours)
    * walk in nature for at least 30 minutes a day
    * cuddle with my dogs
    * turn off all notifications on my phone / removed many social apps and unfollowed unhealthy people. Also did this offline.
    * got back into being creative and painting
    * stopped stressing about work and making more money, and learning to live within my means and enjoy the small things.
    * accept myself and my body in whatever state it may be in.

  2. Worked in mental health for 7 years so far. It makes some people and breaks others. It has made me a much calmer person and helped me understand myself much more than I ever could have without the experience.

  3. Made going to the park and playing with my dog the priority.

    Work overtime? Sorry, gotta go play with my dog.

    Take on an extra project? Sorry, Dog Park.

    Working lunch with management? Nope, working lunch with my dog.

  4. Stopped being friends with an ex, stopped being friends with our mutual friends, stopped being friends with my friends who still talked to her. Basically she was so toxic that I had to drop every single person we both knew to get away from her. Saved my life in the process.

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