What’s something you find cruel that most wouldn’t?

What’s something you find cruel that most wouldn’t?

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  1. Owning dog breeds in climates and spaces that aren’t ideal for them. Why own a husky if you live in the desert or a hunting breed if you live in an apartment complex in NYC? It’s cruel to own an animal and have no consideration for its innate needs.

  2. Mistreatment of nonprotected species (fish, invertebrates, “pest/invasive” species). So many people kill these types of animals for the fun of it, or just because they can, or mistreat them because they think they dont matter. And no I am not talking about getting a pest control done on your house, I’m talking about shooting bb pellets into foxes and birds, plucking wings off insects to watch them struggle, getting pet fish thinking they’re “easy” pets (they aren’t) only for them to die in a few months due to poor care.

  3. Certain specialty pet breeds. Bulldogs have trouble breathing and moving around, snub nosed cats can’t clean themselves, sheep need to be shorn on a regular basis, etc… they just seem miserable to me. Unlike peta though what should be done is to breed back some autonomy so that if they escape their owners that they can at least fend for themselves.

  4. Trying to have another kid when you know you carry a very high chance for a genetic illness that gives a low quality of life.

    Specifically thinking of this family. https://youtu.be/WHzr0G-qZgo Although trying to find the video again it seems like some people can have a good quality of life with it, usually less severe cases, but at least with this family it doesnt seem like that. Apparently both the daughters have passed now.

  5. In my country farmers are not allowed to place small sheds on their land as it “ruins the estatics of our country side view”. This neans cattle, sleep, horses etc are out in full sun rays on hor days. Driving you can see them huddled in the little shade they can find… infuriating

  6. Being raised into a religion. I think it’s insane how from the get go we are taught to believe in some mystical man. We are taught to believe in him more than we are taught to believe in ourselves. I think it’s crazy how people were enslaved and forced into a religion they now pass on to the newer generations. Like many were enslaved, beat, raped, killed, and so much more into a religion they had no clue about.. and now they pass on their beliefs to the newer generations.. it’s sad. Also, there’s so much sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.. I’m a gay man who unfortunately was born into a Catholic family.. I had to get baptized, did my communion, and confirmation. I can’t even get married in the Catholic Church because I’m gay, but I did my confirmation which they say must be done to get married in the church.. all those years spent studying prayers and attending mass every Sunday to attending class on weekday nights.. I’ll never get that time back.

  7. Interrupting young kids who are just doing their thing and having the craic to take photos of them. Parents, what are you thinking!!!??? It’s kinda rude and sends kids the wrong message. Everyone does it occasionally but some parents do it a lot.

  8. Circumcising. There is just no benefit to mutilating genitalia. Especially when most are done shortly after birth so the person doesn’t even have a say in the matter.

  9. Circumcision is seriously fucked up. Who could think to mutilate a baby’s genitals? Who comes up with that? Fuck all the excuses people make. Intact babies around the world grow up perfectly healthy all the time. It’s literally how we’re born, and it’s for a reason. Learn the real and barbaric history behind infant genital mutilation.

  10. Keeping a pet alive when you really should be putting it down. You may have the money to save it, but it’s old and/or suffering because of selfish people being unable to say goodbye.

  11. A man found innocent after being falsly jailed will be stuck there because the man who actually did the crime is dead or the witness is. But a seriel (child) rapist who finally gets caught for his crime will not serve jail time and doesnt even need to be put on the sex offender list. Rapist and molesters need to fall on a fucking serrated sword.

  12. Stomping on bugs if it’s not out of a fear reaction (can’t be helped), a safety/health issue, or a mercy kill. I remember some kids in my high school kicking around a stag beetle and laughing as it lost limbs and became more injured. I had to put it out of its misery and then I screamed at them for being cruel.

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