What’s something you like about yourself?

What’s something you like about yourself?

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  1. I like that I have the motivation that others can’t seem to muster. It allows me to work on projects and hobbies and push through the tough times of learning when you hit the curve too steep and feel rubbish at something.

    I think a part of this is realising how much time there is in the day to spend on yourself and do a little bit of whatever you like.

    I work 10 hour shifts and still manage to get a couple hours of gaming and whatever project I’m working on each night *and* get a decent night’s sleep.

    I think the trick is removing idle time – e.g time spent on phones and being bored – and pushing the motivation to just start something new each day.

  2. I have an extreme amount of empathy and compassion. Like…probably more than I should (so im told…some people take advantage of that and my close family always tells me I was a ding dong for helping when that happens). I care a lot about helping people any time I can. I truly hate seeing someone suffer if there is anyway at all that I can help.

  3. I like that I want to be a good man. I dont always make the right decisions and i get frustrated and I am at times unkind, but deep down, I know that I WANT to be a good man, and I really like that about myself. It’s why I always go back to trying to make good decisions, to be patient, and to be kind.

  4. I writ good and espress myself goodly. I’m writing a shot story now about guy who falls in love with women. I’m almosy done, just two pargraphs left.

  5. My love for Old School or Classic things like Cars, Music, Video Games, Clothing, Aesthetic, heck even a bit of vocabulary. I quite love the old school Tradition of a variety of things, ie: Finding a Date in person rather than finding one Online.

  6. I try to make others laugh and feel normal in awkward situations. Im brave and will have the difficult conversations even when i really really don’t want to.

  7. I have strong legs. My calves have always been pretty big, I started biking a few years ago and now they’re getting more and more tone. I love it.

  8. I’m just a really straight forward person which helps me be really transparent throughout my life. I feel like me being this way has really helped me create some long lasting relationships with some great people.

  9. That I see good in a lotta peoole but the best part is that is that I’m glad that I have a passion to be over generous but this has been exploited by people a lot and I don’t share that much compared to five years ago

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