What’s something you liked but slowly became terrible ?

What’s something you liked but slowly became terrible ?

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  1. *The Walking Dead*

    I started watching the show soon after I’d exited a toxic work situation. I was angry and my mind was ruminating a lot about my now former job and some coworkers who tried to get me fired.

    At first the show made for decent background noise, but in the later seasons things seemed to get boring and tedious. I think I stopped watching when what’s his name bashed some of the original characters’ heads in with a spiked baseball bat.

  2. Any packaged snack foods from Oreos to Twinkies and whatever. I never ate a lot of sweets but once in awhile they’re a nice treat. They’ll slowly but steadily reduced the amount in packaging, the size of the snacks themselves, and most importantly cheapened the recipes again and again. They taste nothing like they used to.

  3. Reddit sadly…
    First of the entire comment section used to be different back when it was used primarily by PC-users, there where a lot of embedded (with RES) gifs and videos that made the comment section a lot more fun and vibrant that it is now.

    There used to be a lot more internal jokes that lasted for a good while, a post might blow up with a joke in the comments and it would become meta across all of reddit. Also /r/all could be one big joke when for instance /r/sweden spammed the front page with pictures of their king and /r/all would just be a long picture across several posts down the page forming a picture of him.

    And of course, censorship… Reddit has become massively censored the last couple of years, and that has really ruined the spirit of the site. Reddit has become a shadow of what it used to be.

  4. Honestly, some of my childhood YouTubers. Probably because I grew out of it, but a lot of them have switched games and moved on with garish thumbnails and red arrows, and just don’t appeal to me anymore.

  5. When I lived in Austin, there was this taco trailer on south Congress that I loved. Then they opened a brick-and mortar restaurant, and more restaurants, and expanded the menu. Then, when I moved to Dallas, they expanded there, and when my work sent me to Denver for a couple months, they had just opened their first restaurant outside of Texas half a mile from my hotel. Every step of the way, I kept telling everyone I knew that they had to try this place, even though I knew but was in denial about the fact that it kept getting worse. Eventually, I had to admit that Torchy’s Tacos kinda sucks now. Except for the queso. That’s still S-tier, but the tacos have gotten smaller and worse and overpriced, and they got rid of the Independent, which was the best thing on the menu (other that the queso).

  6. Bro…The Walking Dead.

    I already thought the zombies were becoming obsolete, the writing was terrible, the best characters were getting killed so I dropped off. I thought I’d give it another chance, but then I saw the recent season trailer featuring literal Storm Troopers. Sorry AMC but I’m headin’ out

  7. My Hero Academia.

    Okay, I understand. Many people love it. But in reality it sucks, it’s like a copy of Dragon ball Z and Naruto. And some characters are really ugly.

  8. Call of Duty. I loved WaW, Black Ops 1 and Modern Warfare, but god each release now is just a cash grab that doesnt have any love put into the game

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