What’s something you never get the cheap version of?

What’s something you never get the cheap version of?

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  1. Almost everything if I can afford it. Most things that are more expensive are not only higher-quality but simply last longer. My granddad used to have a saying, ‘I’m too poor to buy cheap things’ and I tend to stick to that.

    A better question is what do I tend to get the cheap version of even if I can afford the more expensive? Plane tickets – I’m rarely up for paying hundreds more for a few hours more of comfort.

  2. Tools if possible. There are some exceptions but if you’re gonna use them a lot don’t cheap out. You won’t regret it. Bedding. Life is too short to sleep like shit. Small appliances. Ever set a cheap blender on fire?

  3. There are definitely some things you don’t want to skimp on, especially when it comes to your health and safety. Buying a cheap smoke detector, for example, could mean the difference between life and death in a fire. Other things you may not want to go the cheap route on include: car seats, bike helmets, baby gear, and kitchen knives.

  4. Ramen noodles from the grocery store. I don’t care for the cheap stuff, I like Bultak noodles, which are $10 for 6, but its so much better than the cup o noodles.

  5. I used to buy these cheap ass glasses but then I went and got a real pair. Sure it’s an investment but it’s so much more worth it because it wasn’t even right for my eyes. So, yeah. My parents are just the same. Though, they have even more reasons to get their eyes checked and new glasses to fit their needs. It’s just stupidity

  6. Tools, nothing worse then wanting to fix something at home and the power drill or whatever gives up mid fixing.



    Meat, don’t want the steroid infused shit meat that makes your dick shrink since it’s so full of medicine and other crap.

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