What’s something you think everyone should be taught?

What’s something you think everyone should be taught?

What do you think?


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  1. Aside from the basics survival stuff, everyone can have mental health issues, everyone can have an eating disorder or eating disordered habits, yes even the gym bros

  2. Basics of finance. Like bank accounts, saving, budgeting, bills, pensions.

    Teaching this in schools could help set people up for a better life and have them understand what to expect. Would have saved me a lot of mistakes.

  3. That there are serious bad people out there and not everybody can be saved. Life is not a fairy tale and a lot of people are too naive and don’t question things enough.

  4. How to manage finances. Saving, budgeting, basic investing etc.

    I spent so long at school learning about this random bloke that made up some wild stories about people parting the oceans, rising from the dead and turning water into wine. Sure as hell could have used that time better.

  5. That science and education is important.

    Too many people hate school and education and think the world is against them. They believe dumb conspiracies (like that the earth is flat and that JFK is still alive)

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