What’s something you were warned about as a child that you now feel was exaggerated?

What’s something you were warned about as a child that you now feel was exaggerated?

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  1. Sitting too close to the tv will damage your eyesight. My eyesight is perfectly fine.

    Plus, I have two monitors for work that are each bigger than most of the tvs we had while I was growing up so going to be hard to not do that anyway.

  2. “If you fail your exams your life is going to go downhill” or words to that effect.

    I failed my English Language initially back in school, but now I am in the best university in the UK for Media Production!

  3. Fake friends. As in “it’s sooo hard to tell who’s just acting, be careful and figure out who actually likes you”

    At this point I’d be totally okay with someone who only pretends to like me, if that means I had someone at all

  4. The dangers of certain mind altering substances. When you know you know. It’s over exaggerated to the extent they actually make you want to do and try it all. Some aren’t good whatsoever, others have helped me appreciate life snd the universe in ways I never could’ve imagined without experimentation. It is what it is.

  5. Leaving the fridge door hang open too long while I look for food.

    The amount of cold that falls out over 40 seconds is pretty much the same as the amount of cold that falls out over 10 seconds.

    “You have two freakin houses, but please, take 5 bucks and stop micromanaging my snack time when I’m visiting.”

  6. Strangers trying to trick kids into taking drugs .

    This was early 90s rave culture hysteria. Part of the culture involved the use of cartoon characters, printed on pills or acids tabs. Our boomer parents couldn’t comprehend the use cartoon characters in adult culture (which wasn’t the norm at the time to be fair) and assumed it must be to lure kids into getting hooked on drugs, as if that was something anyone would want to do.

  7. When I was in 2nd grade, a flyer went out warning kids at school to be aware of strangers handing out LSD stamps. It explained that it would cause our brains to not function properly and we could go crazy. It scared the hell out of me.

    I’m 45 now and I’ve never tried LSD. I’m not scared to do it (I have eaten mushrooms) but I certainly have never been offered LSD. Definitely not for free.

  8. Bad grades in school meant you’d never get into University and your life would be over before it started.

    Fucking degree is a somehow ironically the most expensive worthless thing I have, and didn’t need it for my job

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