What’s something you wish you could tell your teenage self?

What’s something you wish you could tell your teenage self?

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  1. Stop giving a shit. Focus on yourself. Go to the gym you have the ab and shoulder genetics of a greek god. Dont squander them. NOBODY CARES and they’ll forget the stupid shit in a couple weeks as long as you forget to keep doing the stupid shit.

  2. Go out and socialize, make friends, even if you don’t want to go and hang out, just text some people you met at school and make connections.

    I was pretty antisocial and introverted as a kid/teen and I didn’t make a whole lot of friends and I’m paying for that now as an adult.

    I do have a small group of friends and coworkers that I go out and do stuff with fairly often and I love it. I feel so much happier, healthier, and in a much better mental state than I was in before. I just feel that I could have had this happiness all along if I just pushed past my shyness and made some more friends and made more of an effort to stay in contact with those people I did meet.

  3. That it does get better even when some days…it really feels like it won’t. Even though waking up may disappoint you and every second awake feels miserable, take it one day at a time because YOUR day will come.

    And yes, they can all hear you crying in the bathroom 🙄

  4. Love your body! Don’t worry about the skinny girls in the magazines. See, when you’re an adult, thick thighs will be all the rave. Literal songs will be written about it. A phrase “thick thighs save lives” will become popular. Women will surgically alter their bodies to resemble yours. Your body will be consider healthy and desired! Also, but I bunch of apple bottom jeans now, because the brand is gonna shut down and you look cute in them!

  5. So in the future you’re going to hear about this new thing called Bitcoin. No, don’t worry about what it is. Invest in it. You’re welcome.

    Until then, do whatever you want, because you’re going to be very rich.

  6. that blond girl, you know the one… oh, wait there’s 3… 1-drop your towel, 2- she is totally in to you and hates you with a passion, even years later, 3- for fucks sake man, get your shit together, ignore the asshole little brother

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