What’s something you wonder about?

What’s something you wonder about?

What do you think?

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  1. Does my partner really love me and care about me for me, or do they just love that I’m by far the most decent person they’ve ever dated (not a high bar).

    Honestly I don’t think I care either way. I love them, if they want to be with me I don’t much care for the underlying motivation

  2. How do we know that we all see the same colour? Ehat I cakl brown could look different to someone else. But we all got told “This is brown”. And I do not talk about colour blindness or anything similiar.

  3. What the experience of life is like for other people

    What their experience of me is

    What does everyone else dream about

    Whether we are going to go extinct, and if so, in my or my hypothetical children’s lifetime, or my friends kids lifetime

    What are dogs saying to us, what are they thinking and dreaming about

    How life might pan out for those of us right here right now

    Whether death is the sweet relief I imagine it to be

  4. Sometimes I wonder what if we aren’t real but just an imagination or dream of someone in the real world.
    I also wonder if the people reading this are real.
    I feel like there is a possibility that someone thinks that he or she is living in a real world but in reality his or her world is not real but made imagination or a dream

  5. What will citizens in the Norse countries look like 150 years from now? Will they retain their famed and celebrated physical character? Or will they be transformed beyond recognition via amalgamation with the ceaseless influx of you-know-who?

  6. Why are more women interested in me now (late 50’s, fat, retired, sickly and not getting better) than 35 years ago (early 20’s, thin, good job and healthy)? What is wrong with women? What is wrong with me?

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