What’s that broken thing in your house that everybody just accepts and lives with?

What’s that broken thing in your house that everybody just accepts and lives with?

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  1. The doorbell goes “ding,” but the *dong* remains silent (despite cleaning and lube in the mechanism).

    The dong tube (chime) just hangs there, unresponsive to the push of the the doorbell button.

  2. The feet on our ottoman fell off. We tried screwing it back in, nope fell off again. We ordered a replacement but the company’s factory in China shut down due to COVID. So we have a wonky ottoman till like august

  3. My washing machine brake failed over a year ago. Makes a very loud thumping noise as it slows down from a spin cycle. We’ve learned to accept it.

    Oh, and if you open the microwave while it’s running it trips a breaker.

  4. the toilet.
    the seat is lose, the base is lose so the whole thing moves.
    pipe has leaked for months we keep a towel there to soak it up, towel doesn’t last long tho.
    smells super bad.
    I hate our toilet.

  5. The POS flooring. It’s pine. It’s so delicate it will scratch if you glare at it. It’s scratched and dented and chipped to hell from our not so delicate lifestyle and 2 cats. It also creaks and crunches very loudly in places. Area rugs and Old English stain are the best I can do.

  6. Right now it’s the kitchen faucet. It drips and water runs out from under it when you move it in such a way. My dad rhe procrastinator. Then again I’m not sure if he can now. Got really sick in February and recovery is good but not great

  7. My bedroom door had to be opened in a very specific way (handle tilted up, to the left a bit and then turned upward with force to open it.) Or else you could try as much as you wanted that damned door wouldn’t open. From inside the room it wasn’t that bad. But if some fucker decided to close my door when I am not in there, that door is doomed.

  8. The dryer’s handle snapped off about a year ago, but the dryer itself works just fine. Instead of wasting money and replacing the whole thing, we just use a hook to pull the door open.

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