What’s that one random advice you feel like sharing today?

What’s that one random advice you feel like sharing today?

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  1. I shared this on another post, but I’ll put it here as well:

    1) Read a book

    – When you’re done reading it, you will feel smarter and feel better that you know more.

    2) At least once a month go out into the woods and go hiking and adventuring (or something like that if your area doesn’t allow for it)

    – Going outside for an entire day, especially in the wilderness, brings you back down to earth and disconnects you from the electronics and seeing everyone’s highlight reel online.
    – Furthermore, I would suggest you do this by yourself so you can not only have full peace, but you will also get to know and love yourself better when you’re able to do these things alone.
    – Finally, I wouldn’t tell people that you do that unless people ask directly why you aren’t around at that time. Doing this is something for you, and you alone. It shouldn’t be used as something to brag about to others (don’t go telling people, “yeah just went out on a hike all day yesterday”). Keeping it to yourself will not only give you a thing to keep private for yourself, but you will also feel good in the end knowing that you’re not just doing to put it in peoples faces or on social media. It’s all for you.

    3. Eating and drinking healthier

    – Eating healthier isn’t just to make you look better and to be more in shape (it does, but I think there’s something even more important about it). It proves to yourself that you are disciplined about something in your life, and when you have something you are disciplined towards, then that will give you a feeling of self value, because that’s an important psychological connection with self worth and value.
    – Eating healthier will also give you a boost in your feel good hormones dopamine and serotonin. One for the reasons I already mentioned, and also because when you eat something healthier, you know that you are bettering yourself.

    4. Don’t compare yourself to others

    – In a world where everyone can broadcast their life for the world to see on the internet, it has become the biggest trend ever to only show the good things about your life on the internet. When you look at peoples Instagram for example, you will see a lot of pictures of them with friends, making money, vacations, etc etc. This is not reality though. The reality behind most people that post like this is someone who doesn’t make as much money as they show online, they use more money than they can afford to go on these trips, and most importantly, 99% of the people you see online are not as happy as they look. They are just like you and I. Trying to fit in and look like nothing is wrong with us, when in reality, they have a lot of issues behind their profile. Unfortunately, like I said, this has become a mainstream addiction in a way. It’s something that most people do, and even though they know the truth isn’t being fully shown, they still do it because each like and positive comment they get is boosting their self esteem…In the short term…. But when life gets real, they will struggle to find that self esteem and some of those people fall into a deep place before making a change, if they ever make it out of the rut.

    Moral of my message. Stay true to you and do things that you find pleasing, peaceful, and productive, and don’t share those things for the attention, keep them to yourself so that you feel good about doing it for you, not for the attention of others.

    Much love!

  2. Things change. This can be really painful or really fortunate, or both. The things we love go missing from us, but hard times also fade into better times. We should cherish the things that bring us joy while we have them, and we should keep the hope when it seems like nothing will ever get better. Everything changes eventually

  3. Shoulders back, head up and look people in the eye. Even if you’re not confident you will appear to be. And if you think something nice about someone then tell them. It’ll make their day.

  4. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Talk to someone. Confide in a friend. You might be surprised by how it helps not just you but others.

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