What’s the best tasting cheap meal you can think of?

What’s the best tasting cheap meal you can think of?

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  1. Can of coconut milk ($2), bottle of Thai sweet chili sauce ($3, you won’t use it all), box of zatarans cilantro lime rice ($2), protein of choice (price varies).

    Use the coconut milk for half the liquid in the rice. Use the rest to make a sauce with the chili sauce (fiddle with the ratio depending on how spicy you want it). Season and cook the protein, put it in the rice, cover with the sauce. Green onions on top if you want. Easily under 10 bucks for 4 servings depending on the protein (pork is cheap when you find it on sale).

  2. The Great Value frozen chicken penne meals are pretty good with pepper, garlic powder, and maybe some dried peppers.

    They aren’t terrible on their own either if you can’t afford the spices. It’s just 10x better with seasoning. Walmart spices tend to be over prices though I’ve noticed, so get those somewhere else if you can.

  3. Carbonara.

    Pasta, three eggs, parmesan cheese and bacon (two portions). The pasta and the parmesan cheese lasts forever so it will not go out of date, and the eggs and bacon go in so many other meals and snacks that they won’t go to waste.

  4. Get block curry roux like Golden Curry, some cheap vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Cube, cook, eat over rice. Filling, delicious, cheap. Can easily add meat if you’ve got some.

  5. * Box of Pasta – $2.00
    * Can of Mixed Veggies – $1.50
    * Can of Pre-Cooked Chicken – $2.00
    * Can of Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup – $1.50

    Cook the pasta per instructions. Cook the soup per instructions. Dump everything into one huge bowl and stir it all up. Spice to taste. You have now spent $7 on enough tasty soup to last half the week, assuming you’re eating it for just about every meal.

  6. depends where you live.

    my area Carl’s Jr Superstar small combo meal is $5.99. Can’t really beat that.

    There’s also the Pizza Hut Large 3 topping for $13.99. They charge “service fee” tho.

    If you live by a Chinese buffet they are also a good choice too.

    Tacobell routinely has these $5-$8 box deals with soda.

    Alternatively you can buy a can of Hormel’s chili (the one with meat) and a bag of Ritz crackers and you have a decent meal.

    7-11 has Spicy Bite hot dog for like $2. They also have these combos where you can get a Large drink and heated food for really cheap

    Costco has a really cheap hot dog + soda combo. It’s usually on the outside so you don’t need membership to buy it.

    Street taco is a choice if that is an option

  7. Ramen and eggs

    Make ramen noodles with water first and then drain water. Add spice packet and mix up. Add 2 eggs and mix again and then fry.

    Whole meal is less than $1 and you have a variety of options.

    You can add more eggs or use 2 packages of ramen if you are really hungry. I’ve done 2 packages of ramen and 4 eggs before but that is a lot of food and it hurt after.

  8. Any sort of vegetable and meat stew over rice.

    Vegetables are dirt chip, get some cheap cuts of meat (it’s a stew, who cares), mince it all up, pop it in the crock pot with a thick broth (just add some flour to thicken) and throw it over rice.

    The cheapest and healthiest food you can think of.

  9. Bird’s Nest, aka Egg in a Basket, aka Toad in Hole (not the Uk version)

    Slice of bread, buttered on both sides, hole cut out of the middle, toss on a griddle, crack an egg in the middle.

    Easy, fast, very little waste, delicious.

  10. So now that I’m single and my kids have all gone away I buy one of those rotisserie chickens once a week two bags of vegetables usually nice salad a tray of macaroni and cheese microwavable and this is usually sufficient to three to four meals depending on your appetite. Season to taste bro

  11. Aglio e olio spaghetti. Just takes some garlic, olive oil spaghetti and a little bit of seasoning. Tastes great! If you can get your hands on some sun dried tomatoes or olives, you have yourself a delicious meal.

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