What’s the best way someone confessed to having a crush on you?

What’s the best way someone confessed to having a crush on you?

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  1. I used to walk to university with a satchel in hand. In winter it was cold and my hands would always turn white and purple from poor circulation. A girl I worked with bought me some leather gloves. It was the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. Being a dumbass it still took me a few more hints, but we got there.

  2. We were sitting in the arcade room at camp playing Street Fighter II and after I won a match against her she said, “Ok you win the next one, you get a kiss, I win, you get two kisses.”

    Summer romances 😩

  3. 6th grade.

    Sitting next to my best friend, and i was talking about how i didnt understand why kids our age were becoming interested in dating or kissing, or why they’re so social.

    My friend said “Yeah, i’ve noticed. I’ve been trying to show you i have a crush on you for months and you dont get that either.”

    “Sorry. .. wait, you do?”


    “Oh.” I look at her, and say “I’m sorry.” like she’s just told me some one’s died.

    I didnt understand it then and i dont understand it NOW. But it was the best way, just, sudden and open and honest about it.

    Much better than the stalker lady from work decades later.

  4. He asked me to be the custard to his fruit salad. It was right after a playful discussion on how life was a fruit salad and without custard it wouldn’t be as delicious.

  5. this guy (*who is currently my bf*) had a crush on me (*and i also had a crush on him*) and all of our friends kept shipping us together. and our friends knew we liked eachother, except us. eventually, they made my bf text me and asking me out. **he was so nervous and didn’t know what to say so he started with “yo shawty you bad asf”**

  6. In high school someone who was very pretty and very sweet (so I was receptive) told me I’m weird and also cool enough to know that’s a compliment. It was a candygram on Valentine’s Day. We did candygrams in high school. Until recently that was still my favorite thing any woman had ever written for me.

  7. She got my license plate checked to see where I live and showed up at my house.

    Now that I think of it, it creeps me out.

    The sex wasn’t so bad though.

  8. Never had that happen, but I did just have a friend tell me they loved me (platonically), which is a first for me since I’m a guy and guys don’t tell other guys that, and girls don’t want to come off as flirting (at least in my experience)

  9. I baited the question. On VD I sent her a meme related to “Not being able to spend time with my crush”. (The meme had pink guy in it so you know it was guaranteed to work). She emailed me back. “Nice meme. Very relatable. I need to confess something. I have a crush on someone, you. Have you liked someone recently?”

    This was followed by me saying “Awwww. I love you too”

    Next email she said “I’m so happy! I’ve had a crush on you for years. I was so nervous that you wouldn’t like me back”

    We have been together ever since

  10. Literally just told me straight out.

    Which is good, because I am literally retarded and anything more subtle or nuanced would have just gone straight over my head.

    (We’re married now, btw)

  11. Never happened, I don’t even think anyone has ever thought of me that way, and, I kind of wish I knew if someone did, but, usually, what I feel is wrong to everyone.

  12. No one ever straight up told me. I think most people won’t do that because it requires a lot of courage. I only notice their actions, body language and their choice of words to know if someone’s into me.

  13. The worst way was “drunk out of her mind, sobbing uncontrollably and throwing up on the floor next to my bed while I called her friend to come and please remove her from my home”

  14. He came up to me randomly and asked me “do you have a crush on anyone?” and I said “if fictional characters count, yes” then he said “okay, that’s good” and walked away.. I saw him fist bumping the air and squealing about it to his best friend later that day, he didn’t see me looking though.. he is a good friend and he’s living like that day has never happened. but he still asks me in every truth or dare game we play..

  15. This makes me sad that people have had other people like them naturally and not fail in life and be called a disappointment at 25 by my parents because I haven’t even dated anyone ever.

  16. Nobody has ever confessed a crush on me. With every one of my previous relationships, I was the one confessing to her and it just happened to be reciprocal.

  17. Was at a camping trip in last year, because of the wind a empty tent flew onto another and they looked like they were fucking and so I yelled out to my friends “why the fuck are those tents shaggin it in the ass” a girl came up to me and said “if you want we could do the same” I’m kinda glad I got the hint and not just stared at her and walked away

  18. A friend that I knew for a while came at my home to watch a movie we wanted to watch. We were talking about random stuff, the table was set, i went to sit on the couch since everything was ready, and instead of sitting next to me she sat on my legs and kissed me.

    Simple and very effective way. we spent 4 years together.

    No, we did not watch the movie that day.

  19. one of my friends knew i had a crush on this girl who i was friends with but not close enough that it was weird.
    at the school dance (which i didn’t attend) my friend went up to the girl and straight up told her I like her and asked if she likes me back.
    she said yes.

    and that’s how I got a gf.

  20. There was this guy, smartest most eloquent guy in the school. I spoke to him sometimes. I treat everybody the same. After four years of high school, he hands me a letter and there’s pages. at the end of the last day he confessed his love for me. I wonder where he is now?….

  21. Idk but I woke up with my hands tied as two people with bats started hitting me saying where is he I said who then they grabbed a concrete Colin see and started bashing my head saying you know who I then woke up only to realize I just passed out

  22. Never had that happen to my knowledge. One time in 8th grade a girl above my status passed me a note, but I assumed they were trying to make fun of me so I threw it in the trash. No ragrets.

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