What’s the best way to fall asleep with anxiety?

What’s the best way to fall asleep with anxiety?

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  1. r/anxiety may have some help on this.

    For myself, I generally dim or redden the screen about an hour before the attempt. Last meal about 2 hours before. A cool room for sleeping may help. Aerobic exercize during the day may help.

    Stop caffeine and stimulant ( theobromine, etc. ) about 2 pm. To reduce anxiety completely, maybe reduce caffeine, etc. in general. Consider a magnesium supplement, or magnesium-rich foods.

    If none of this works, consider professional help. Doctors and pharmacists have drugs. Psychologists may help. Yoga or Tai Chi could be of some benefit.

  2. Follow the same steps every nite. Go without screen time darken the room, start to slow your breathing, get ready for bed, clam your mind and go to sleep

  3. I would suggest trying some light cardio such as pushups, situps, holding your arms out with some sort of weights until you feel like you can’t. If you get tired enough you anxieties will be overwhelmed by exhaustion. Optimally about an 1hr before bed.

    Another suggestion would be to listen to something that you find comfort in such as white noise, the voice of a youtuber you love, asmr without the disgusting chewing or talking.

    This is all I can think of on the spot that have helped me when I couldn’t sleep. So I do hope this expands your options.

  4. realize that you’re absolutely not solving your problem right now in bed. And the more sleep deprived you are the harder it will be to solve tomorrow. So let it all go and enjoy your sleep

  5. Read or put dark mode on and read long threads. Usually when that happens to me I get out the big guns (kief) but since u said you’ve been broke lately that’s not helpful 🙁 also sometimes I just get up and go in the living room and turn on the lights and the ps4, and just chill for a while. Usually it only takes about an hour or two for me to be ready for bed after that. Which is better than laying in bed awake for longer. Sorry you’re having troubles 🙁

  6. I bought a Kindle oasis. It has a dark mode that is really comforting to read with at night. Any book will put me to sleep pretty much as long as it’s not too exciting. Lately it’s been Charles Bukowski poems. But books on science put me to sleep pretty fast. too.

  7. Stay hydrated, keep lights low, put on some relaxing sounds or music. I always have to shut myself down during high anxiety times. Try to take deeper, slower breaths. Nothing you do now will change anything. Nothing will optimize your situation more than sleeping in this moment. Don’t keep checking your phone or watching anything. Sit in dark, drink water or warm herbal tea, breathe deep, breathe slow, focus only on your breathing and slowly relax your body. If you struggle that’s ok. Try again. Just relax and at the very least let your body relax some.

  8. I think of my anxious brain the way you think of a toddler. You need to let it run around before it will be willing to take a nap. I always read when I get into bed. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for over an hour. It puts me on a train of thought away from my real life and forces me to focus. If I’m lucky I’ll read until I’m already at the verge of nodding off. If not, when I put the book down and get ready to actually try to sleep I’ll pick something to focus on. Sometimes it’s the book I was reading and I’ll intensely visualize what was just happening. Sometimes I rerun parts of whatever video game I’ve been playing recently, thinking about how to improve. I also like to pick a space in my apartment and imagine different ways to rearrange it and use space more efficiently. Basically, I pick an unimportant aspect of my life that doesn’t make me anxious and focus on it.

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