What’s the biggest red flag you ignored?

What’s the biggest red flag you ignored?

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  1. The two of us kept getting annoyed with each other because we both had expectations that weren’t being met by the other… but that didn’t stop us from getting married and having a kid… 🤦‍♀️

  2. I had a crush my first semester of college. He didn’t like me talking to his friends and got mad at me for adding them back on snapchat but I didn’t think anything of it.

    Turns out he was talking to 20 other Asian girls and wanted to make sure none of them were talking to other dudes so its easier to control them.

    Also he’d send me videos of himself flexing and at the time I found it flirty. But now looking back on it it came off as kind of shallow.

  3. A grown adult saying that he liked that I was under 18. I was 15 and didn’t know any better. It took a long time to figure out that I wasn’t the one to blame for that situation, he should have done the responsible thing and not talk to me.

  4. He showed up with one black garbage bag of his belongings, but said it was cause his place burnt down.🚩🚩🚩 Our place must have burnt down as well, cause he left with a black garbage bag of his belongings, a little over a year later!

  5. My friends were telling me my ex gf was hanging out a little too closely to her ex bf. Unfortunately I had more faith in her than she deserved that she wouldn’t cheat, but she did.

  6. His mother told me he’d always be her baby, *no matter what.* There was a reason for that statement. There were many reasons…

    I got out of there in months. Still too long, I know, but the next woman got stuck there for years and even then it took a lot of outside help for her to be able to escape.

  7. Former best friend. She liked to switch out tags on expensive items so she could get them for cheap. I wasn’t down with that but ignored it. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when she turned out to be a very bad friend. Don’t ignore dishonesty ever! It’s one of the biggest red flags.

  8. Dated someone for years at the end of high school and early college.

    Early into the relationship was a LOT of talks about pregnancy and kids, it was pretty obvious it was one of her main obsessions was getting pregnant. Would take turns choosing movie night, every one she chose was about teenage pregnancy and it being pretty glorified (There’s surprisingly a lot of movies just about a pregnant teen, etc)

    When I was 22 or so she insisted that if I wouldn’t get her pregnant (Yet, I said once we’re financially stable and in a healthy relationship) she said she is getting artificial insemenation to get pregnant for her friend and give them the kid. I immediately was freaked out and cut things off. Was just too much for me. She was hot though

  9. All he talked about was his ex.

    On the first date whilst he was waiting for me for my taxi, he got a text saying his ex was now official with one of his friends. He knew they were talking but didn’t think they’d go official. He moaned about how annoyed he was about it until my taxi showed up. Once I’d got home he apologised for moaning to me so I thought I’d see him again. Any date after this he kept bringing her up at any chance… for example if I said “I’m going to have the chicken” he would say “Emma loved chicken”

  10. Not really a red flag in terms of a romantic partner but one of my old band mates acted like the centre of attention, falsely accused me of being a homophobe and just outright hated me for some reason

  11. While I loved her and treated her as a princess, she used to treat me like I was ordinary. I ignored it for way to long.

    From then on I promised myself to never love someone who treats me like I’m ordinary.

  12. talked a lot about how he wanted to get married, have kids with me but refused to move out of his parents basement.

    last i saw on social media, he married a VERY young girl who lived with him in his parents basement. he’s almost 40.

  13. She told me she had an official relationship that lasted only 2 weeks. Should’ve gone right back home at that instant. But i didn’t and a month later she ended our whateveritwas over the phone.

  14. I will be very honest, when you have a friend that talk about rape is something women fantasize about, talking about children and stuff, I was like he’s joking we’re drinking some strong beer Saturday night just chilling. I was the dumbest mf you can think of, that guy is the worst of the worst, knew him for 20+ years and I’m not even old I’m just 30. Cut them off your life, CUT them out they will get bad karma back no worry about that. FCK that guy

  15. Meeting me late evening/at night mostly in the car driving around or places like mcdonalds and subway. I thought he is just busy, apparently he just didnt want anybody to see us together as he was meeting someone else who was better looking in „appropriate” hours and places. After that I learned to ignore everyone who proposes first dates at 22.30 „driving around and hanging out”

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