What’s the closest thing to real magic?

What’s the closest thing to real magic?

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  1. Computers work by inscribing words of power in an arcane language onto a ritual space of glass inlaid with patterns of gold and other valuable metals, then shooting lighting through it .
    I use my words of power to make inanimate objects come to life and do my bidding.
    Some of the people I went to school with used theirs to scry the past and predict the future.
    I think a handful might be using their words to curse other people with poor fortune and mechanical malfunctions, but they either aren’t allowed to talk about it or won’t because it’s really illegal.

  2. Modern AI gets close for me. Write some lines in a cryptic language, only for a black box of goodness knows what to get returned that does the thing you want.

  3. New technology.

    If you look at old photos of people using new technology, their faces all look like they are seeing magic.

    For reference, look at the faces of the guys who first used a telephone, rode on an airplane, watched a TV.

    For me, watching my generation play the 1st 3D video games was magical, downloading music for free was magic, laptops were magic, and touch screen cellphones with video calling was magic.

  4. Don’t know if this magic still exists, because radio is pretty much dead, but there used to be this thing we could all do where you’d think, “Man, I’d really like to hear (insert song name)”, and then it would be the next song on the radio.

    This happened way too often for probability to account for it.

    You will not change my mind that it wasn’t magic.

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