What’s the craziest thing your boss asked you to do?

What’s the craziest thing your boss asked you to do?

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  1. Worked in food and beverage at a hotel, I had lots:

    We were told to continue using expired milk products(we didn’t do it)

    The chef, who had a massive ego even for a chef, convinced the hotel to let him put on these super pretentious 20 person private dinners, at $85 per ticket. Each time they would sell less than half of the tickets, so we were asked to buy the remaining tickets ourselves and give them to family members, all so they could pretend the chef’s latest vanity project was a success.

    I was once asked to cut my vacation short because my boss realized none of my co-workers had any clue how to do my work while I was gone. (I was on the other side of the world at the time)

    Once, while I was on disability due to an injury, my boss angrily called me demanding I explain why I had missed a mandatory staff meeting.

    I could keep going for hours. Hospitality really is a shit industry to work in.

  2. Would we like to go ‘on call’ (for free) if the one person scheduled for the Saturday shift needs help or calls in sick.

    A weekend away for a team building exercise paid for by ourselves, including travel, accommodation, food & expenses. In our own time.

    No thank you

  3. Run a nursing home laundry room with no experience and no training. I didn’t even know how the machines worked. Industrial laundry machines are not like your home washing machine. The extent of my training was having an under qualified supervisor telling me “you’ll figure it out”.

  4. I work on a 24/7 open call center wich sells tickets for ferries,

    I was in the night shift which is 00:00 to 08:00 am, there was huge caller number and my supervisor asked me can I work another 8 hours without timeout, bitch let me sleep

  5. I stock overnight at Walmart. The average speed 1 pallet of goods takes to stock is roughly an hour and a half for the dairy section when you work on it by yourself. My boss asked for it to be done in 20 minutes.

  6. To go to India to “enable” a bunch of offshore contractors to do the job me and my team were doing because “we need to scale” (or in other words, they could get three Indians for the price of one of us and wanted to reduce our team size).

    So you’d better believe I went to India and taught them all the wrong stuff and missed out important details.

  7. Jesus, I’ve done a lot of kinda crazy shit lol.

    collect and get rid of 800 yards of trash strewn throughout a property in 4 days with 4 people. Ended up taking 2 weeks with 8.

    Another would be help bury his boss

  8. I had a boss that whenever we weren’t busy at night (which wasn’t very often, but still) or if it was raining, he just said we will be closing and that I should come in tomorrow X amount of hours earlier (X being the hours we closed earlier than we should’ve.) As if it’s my fault for bad weather or low foot traffic, and as if it’s my responsibility to cover those hours. In the beginning when I first started I am ashamed to admit that i did it a couple of times, but after that I always answered that I had other responsibilities and couldn’t. I should mention I was a full time employee that worked split hours 6 times a week, 10:00-14:00 , and AGAIN 19:00-23:00.

  9. At this point I’m kinda thinking everything I do. We’ve hired several people to do my job the last couple of years and so far they last an average of about 2 weeks before they walk.

  10. My old shop owner used to have us techs pour coolant down the toilet instead of disposing of it properly.

    After enough of us raised a fuss he started dumping it in the street himself.

  11. I had a boss at a fine dining restaurant that would check to see if all his staff had breath mints and then he would make us buy them and if we didn’t, it would be deducted out of our paycheck

  12. Worked at a convenience store and my boss actually asked me if he could borrow $1000 to pay for part of the beer delivery because they wouldn’t have enough. Quit not long after that.

  13. Used to deliver pizza for Domino’s on an e-bike. The e-bikes we used had a bunch of wiring underneath the saddles. One day the wiring caught on fire while I was delivering an order, so the fire started burning underneath my ass (also obviously the batteries stopped working so it became very tough to ride the e-bike). Asked the shift manager of that evening if I could get another e-bike to use for the rest of the evening. He told me “as long as you’re not on fire yourself you’re using this e-bike”. Quit my job shortly after that.

  14. I worked for an examination board a while ago. During an A-Level results day I noticed a fault in which a grade for one particular exam was not being calculated properly. I was just admin and customer services, so there is no way that I should have been the first person to notice. The crazy thing that I was asked to do was shut up about it and not tell anyone. There had already been some bad press about the company, so I think they were hoping to fix the issue before anyone noticed and reported it to the press.

    In my job after that, I was asked to travel to Ukraine in the middle of the pandemic as I was the only person who could legally cross the border. There were already reports that cases were surging and that the borders would likely be closed. My manager’s solution to this was me simply just staying in Ukraine until the borders reopened. I ended up spending two days in Kyiv and then I high-tailed it out of there.

  15. Therapy room in LTC facility. One of the resident was obviously at the end of his journey, not really responding, his blood pressure around 70/40 taken with electronic BP machine. The rehab director asked me to take BP with a manual pump cuff and a stethoscope.

  16. Reroute the store calls to my cell phone so we could take phone orders. Yes I was a doormat and yes my phone did go off when I wasn’t at work and yes they did ask me to forward the orders and also yes, I was paid only $7.50/hr. America.

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