What’s the creepiest thing a girl/ woman has said/done to you?

What’s the creepiest thing a girl/ woman has said/done to you?

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  1. Real talk?

    We made out drunkenly at a house party and she wanted to sleep with me. I made an Irish exit and walked home.

    The next morning her roommate was calling me saying make out girl was saying I raped her.

    Luckily after I explained myself, it disappeared but just hearing yourself implied in that kind of implication stops your breath and your heart for a second.

  2. A friend invited me over to watch The Neverending Story because I had never see it, but it ended up being a ploy to have sex with me.

    She asked me to scratch her back, asked me to go under her shirt, asked me to unhook her bra to scratch it better, then she pulled off her shirt and coerced me into sex. I had told her before I didn’t see her like that, but she kept insisting that she knew I wanted to. I really didn’t, but I wasn’t strong enough to say no and leave so I let her use me. I felt so gross afterwards.

  3. A girl once texted me from tinder she explained how she was super horny and wanted me to pee on her, she then went about how she was sexually assaulted and it was super traumatic and then automatically blocked me right away. It was a huge mind fuck. We went to HS together

  4. My girlfriend stalked me a bit long before I asked her out. I was too oblivious to see her around. If she hadn’t bucked up and finally said hi to me, I wouldn’t have noticed her.

  5. I had a stalker in middle school. While my mom was on vacation I had to stay with my God mother’s. Unlucky for me that put me on my stalkers bus. She sat next to me and just started nibbling my ear til I got off the bus. I didn’t know what to do so I just tried not to freakout.

  6. When I was like 8 years old, this girl behind me at the pool waiting for the diving board touched/caressed my butt twice. I felt really gross and weird after that, but I never really told anyone since I didn’t think anyone would care

  7. Asking me really invasive questions about my love and sex life, which I tried to dodge by playing dumb, and finally ending by very graphically propositioning me (we were both in college. I was very naive and trying to get her to buzz off by playing dumb, but needless to say, it didn’t work).

  8. When I was 16 I was working at a local kitchen/cabinet company and I saved up for a really nice Roots jacket (Canada). I was at a Burger King and a much older lady came up to me and started to rave about how nice my jacket was and how I must make a lot of money, feeling it up and opening the front without asking me, she than said that she wanted to take me home to talk about my work and we could share a bottle of wine. When I said I had to get to work she said, ‘They’ll understand when you show up tomorrow a man’.

  9. One of my ex-girlfriends stalked me for several months (mainly through social media) after I broke up with her. Somehow she deduced the password to my Facebook account. I had no idea until she told me that she’d done it quite a while after the fact, which seriously rattled me. For a little while I was convinced she was either going to try to harm me or herself. Scary situation to be in for sure.

  10. Well for starters I got almost got blackmailed for sending nudes to a girl. Didn’t work out for her. Or me either. Cuz I just about shit my pants when she started coaxing me into giving her $$, so I told my parents… so long story short my dad now knows what my dick looks like.

    Also, my ex wanted me to finish inside of her so badly that when I was going to nut I couldn’t. It not only scared the living shit out of me but just the anxiety and anticipation killed my boner. It kept going on for like an hour and a half until said I gotta go use the bathroom, rubbed one out to some porn, and then left to go to work.

  11. A friend of a friend of a friend. I was the DD, she begged a ride. Sure, no prob. Somehow, giving her a ride home equaled ‘serious relationship’. She got the # of the pager I was assigned for work. ( This was as pre 2K ). Chick blew it up. I never called back, never spoke to her after giving her a lift.

    Company changed pager # and sent her a C&D. It was freaky.

  12. I graduated from high school a year early and then I went to a community college immediately after. I was still 17 when I just started at that community college. I also didn’t look my age. I looked younger by about 2 years because people would constantly tell me that I looked about 15 lol. I ended up taking a math class that one of my high school math teachers happened to be teaching. She was around her mid-thirties and was always friendly with me, even during high school but as the semester went on she was becoming a little too friendly.

    Being young, naive, and awkward I didn’t really notice how inappropriate she was actually being. In private she would make inappropriate jokes about how she wanted to celebrate with me when I finally turned 18 and when I did turn 18 she would make jokes about how I was a man now and legal and that kind of thing. She would even start touching me. She wasn’t like touching my crotch or like my butt but she was always putting her hand on my shoulder or hand and even one time on my back. It never went any further than that but now when I think back at it, it was definitely creepy. It makes me rethink all our interactions during high school.

  13. My first time the girl was on top riding me. We were doing it raw. She started saying “Let’s make babies” I freaked out and tried to get her off of me but she had me clamped pretty good. After a few seconds I rolled her off and pulled out. We finished having fun but no penetration. I would never get with her again even though she wanted to. To this day 50 years later I still get the creeps. Bitch sure wrecked my first time.

  14. As general policy I avoided bringing ONS and flings home until we had “the talk”, so I either got laid in a nice hotel room or at the girl’s place.

    I met this girl thru Tinder and we hookup twice. On our third dinner date she told me everything she knew about me: where I lived, where I worked, how much time I spent in the coffeeshop having breakfast, where and with whom I had lunch the days before, etc.

    she casually ended her list with “I was bored, so I have been following all your steps in the last week”.

  15. Told me that she would be gay for me. Said that she told her racist family about “us”. Showed me her breasts multiple times even though I asked her not to. We were coworkers.

  16. Had an ex who kept trying to get booty calls out of me. Even after she got married and had kids. Probably explains why he found out all 3 kids weren’t his.

  17. My ugly bitch teacher walks up behind me and whispers in my ear I didn’t understand what she said but all my freinds started freaking out so I assumed it was something weird, she was fat and smelt and not only that she was acctually just a bad person

  18. At a bar one time I had an older lady, who was married, drunkenly tell me she wanted to take me home and leave me in the closet so I could be her toy… in a weird but probably serious way. She worked with one of my roommates moms.

  19. I was literally sexually assaulted in a line at a 711, the lady infront of me was like “what you getting? Can you give me a dollar?” And I was like “I’m buying rubbers and I don’t have any money to give you” (I was a broke ass college kid) and she was like “you gotta big dick?” I just didn’t say anything because that’s a pretty lewd question to be asking/answering in the middle of a busy 711, and then she just looked me in the eyes and ran her hand from my mid thigh up to my crotch (I was wearing jeans so she was putting pressure to feel through them) and then was like “nahh you don’t” and started laughing with her friend.. It didn’t really scar me because I’m not insecure, I just thought the situation was fucked up.


    Edit: I’ve only told this story to one other person and will probably just take it to my grave, it’s pretty humiliating

  20. A older id say 60 year old lady at a bar hit on me and asked me to buy her a drink. She was already drunkish. She had on a jean skirt. I bought her one for fun. She leaves with her drink. About half an hour goes by. She comes back asks for another. I told her im light on cash. She said this pussy isnt free. I laughed and told her i have a girlfriend. She just loomed at me and said find me later. She reached under her skirt stuck her hand into her crotch and without skipping a beat shoved her fingers in my mouth turned around and stumbled away. My lips were slimmy wet and i tasted copper. I about threw up. I left the bar immediatly after very upset

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