What’s the darkest scene you’ve ever seen in a kid’s show?

What’s the darkest scene you’ve ever seen in a kid’s show?

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  1. My kid just started watching Dinosaurs and I think we’re definitely going to skip the last episode where they’re waiting to be killed by a meteor.

    We’ve already watched an episode where Grandma was supposed to get pushed into a tar pit to die, so it’s already a bit darker than I remember.

  2. There was a Spongebob episode (s7 or 8 I think) where Squidward was depressed and it showed a scene of him climbing a ladder and hanging a looped rope. For a second you thought he wanted to commit suicide but he hung up something in his house. The episode was called ‘are you happy’ or something.

  3. Buu blowing up peoples heads while telepathically taunting the entire world. That whole saga is fucking heavy when you think about. Goku and friends used the entire population of earth; all ages and races; as death fodder so they could get more time to train. Yea they saved earth but like, buu still wiped us all the fuck out one by one, we just came back. Thanks so much…

  4. When they straight up just shot the dog in Infinity Train.

    Yeah, he was *eventually* fine. But at the end of that episode you have every reason to think he’s dead.

  5. So, idk if it’s cool, but JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure part one, Dio puts Danny into a box (Danny is a dog in a box made of wood) and sets him into a furnace. Danny kicks and whimpers at the box, and someone not knowing of the dog closes the furnace and turns it on, the dog’s whimpering got so loud and it was banging his paws on the box so hard that the man finally noticed, yet too late. Danny had died. FUCKING BRUTAL.

  6. There’s one in practically every season of “Little House on the Prairie,” which is a family program. I started watching at age 6.

    The worst in my opinion was when the blind school burned down and **Mrs. Garvey caught on fire while holding Mary’s newborn baby.** They show her screaming in agony while slamming the kid against the glass window as she burned. (*Couldn’t find a stand-alone clip but you can see a part of it* [*here*](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvl8y-3dPsg&ab_channel=Melisbeth86) *at 1:32*).

    There’s also one when a little girl is raped, impregnated, and then falls off of a ladder while trying to escape her serial rapist and bleeds internally before dying. Or when an ex-Civil War soldier with severe PTSD and a morphine addiction gets crushed by a fallen tree. I could go on. Needless to say, it was not something a 6 year old should have been watching.

  7. End of David the Gnome. I would get up early before school to catch that before my eyes could even handle the light. And in the last episode he and his wife know they’re dying, say goodbye, and turn into trees. I know they played it as romantic and bittersweet but it was startling. Mainly because I loved their fox friend and he was clearly depressed over the whole thing.

  8. The Tom and Jerry episode where they were both depressed, they sat on some train tracks and right as the screen begins to fade to black you can hear a train whistle. Also the MLP episodes where Starlight or whatever her name was changed the timeline so all of the ponies were at war.

  9. There’s an episode of The Powerpuff Girls where a kid is given the class pet tolook after for during thw weekend. He proceeds to abuse it. Then iirc it ends up in the swers and gets covered in radioactivity.

  10. 2 episodes of Mézga Family (hungarian sci-fi/sitcom animated series from 60s/70s) , that were banned because of being anti-communist.

    Those were also my favourite. They happened to be also the weirdest and most well-written.

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