Whats the dumbest beliefs you had as a child?

Whats the dumbest beliefs you had as a child?

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  1. That watermelons would grow inside me if I ate their seeds. My cousin told me that when I was like 5/6 or something. I realised a while later (several months or so) that that wasn’t true.

    Still don’t really care for watermelon because of that time period. I’m 25 now

  2. That if you ate peanut butter you’d fall into a storm drain so I avoided walking near the gutter if I had peanut butter that day. All because my dad called it slip down the gutter.

  3. I didn’t understand the concept of movies and tv shows being recorded. I thought every time a movie or show was on tv the actors were performing everything live.

  4. I thought women just magically became pregnant whenever they were ready to be. And once the baby was coming they would just cut you open like one of those 90s pregnant Barbie dolls, then just casually stitch u back up.

  5. Ok I’m gonna feel stupid af for this but it is something I am ashamed for it and I find it funny and incredibly stupid. When I was a kid I was TERRIFIED about Long or Godzilla movies, so here in México everytime we went to the town fairs I was really scared of one of them going out from behind of one of the mountains around us … I was 12. And incredibly stupid.

  6. I didn’t really understand the concept of in laws so I just assumed siblings are supposed to get married. And people without siblings would marry their cousins. To me it was confusing why someone would call their spouse’s parents their mom and dad.

  7. I used to think that if a movie had kids that ended up growing up, that they filmed the older actors when they were younger then waited until they got older to film again.
    I would like to state that I was like 2 or 3 lol

  8. Had a toy crash test dummy that fell apart when you pushed the button on it’s stomach. Dad jokingly said if I poked my bell button my legs would fall off too. Spent a decade or more guarding my stomach from everything.

  9. I thought magic tricks were way more complicated then they looked like they had to have a whole set of people in the background and use strings and stuff only for a simple magic trick

  10. Was always told things *attracted* lightning. If I stood by a window with a baseball bat the lightning can see me and I’ll get hit. I would hide in the middle of the house during storms to make sure the lightning couldn’t see me.

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